basically, i don't know whats going on but i have had FORTY unknown calls in the last 3 days. just this morning i woke up with four missed calls, all unknown. they called me last night too. i usually don't answer but last night i was with some friends and they answered for me. the creepy person on the other end just breathed into the phone and didn't say a word. sometimes it gets a little creepy. trust me, i never answer. unknown calls are ridiculous. unless i know its one of my friends calling, because then i answer and we talk in funny voices over the phone. when my phone rings i always get excited that its someone to talk to, but no. just a stupid unknown caller. and I'm pretty sure its the same person that's been calling me 40 times. we will see how many calls i get this week...

oh yeah, Chris Clegg. hes a pretty cool kid. were not related, but we call each other cousins. because we can.

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