no gagging noises

do you like a mix between cat throw up and canned cat food?
because i sure do. i ate some today.

rewind, i really didn't. today in nursing we talked a lot about nutrition and how to feed patients. some patients have trouble swallowing and chewing so we put them on something called " puree diet" which means everything they eat is blended to mush. we like to call it baby food diet. it just makes it easier for them to eat. but, it includes blending up all of their food in the blender. so today, we got to try out a puree diet. we mixed together roast beef, rice, and vegetables in a blender. it smelled good before it was mixed but after the blending it literally smelled like cat food. we all tried it, and it tasted like tuna fish. tell me how roast beef turns into tuna? anyways i took one bite and it was disgusting. it was cat food i swear.

the next thing we tried was called "thick-it." its a powder you add to fluids to make them thicker. hence the name. its used for people who choke easily. lets just say it was NASTIEST thing Ive ever swallowed. we added the thick-it to water and it turned it into a pudding consistency. its probably the weirdest thing Ive ever seen, like it came from mars. i know its hard to imagine but try to think of water flavored pudding. that's what it was. and it was all chunky and gritty yet it was water. it was so weird & gross. i gagged when i swallowed the pudding concoction. my teacher said "no gagging noises." well gee, i cant help it. sometimes i feel so bad for old people. they have it so hard.

5K tonight at the gym. heck yes.


i just wanna run

the gym is my happy spot for two reasons.
1. its great to work out, and let your anger & stress out. its so relaxing.
2. its hilarious to watch other people run.

i spend most of my gym time on the track. a lot of other people do too. spending many miles on the track i have seen all sorts of different runners. and that's where i come to my point that watching people at the gym is very entertaining. especially the runners.

the prancers:
the ones that prance like a deer. the most common of the runners. we've all seen them. they seem to bounce off the tip of their toes as they take each step.

 the hunchies:
the ones who move their shoulders more than they move their legs. they lift their shoulders five times more than they take strides. we run with our feet buddy, not our shoulders.

the leapers:
the ones whose steps are equal to 10 feet and every time they take a big stride, their arms move about as far forward as their legs do.

the arm flailers:
the ones who don't keep their arms by their side while their hands are all over the place. the ones who cris-cross their arms as they run. like turning their torso left to right instead of swinging their arms front to back. (this is actually horrible running technique. i was in track. im not trying to sound like a know-it-all)

the fakers:
the ones who are imitating running but really they are just speed walking really fast. they never pick their feet up off the ground.

the social butterflies.
these are the worst. these are the junior high girls that have no intent on actually working out. their intents are set on the men. they do whatever they possibly can to get the guys attention. the guys obviously know whats going on. but they do get my attention because they ARE SO DARN ANNOYING! ah, junior high girls. so cute. and no they don't run, nor do they walk. they do kart-wheels around the track and pull their shirts down as low as they go. ah, just my favorite.

the tip-toers:
the tip toers are a descendant of the prancers. except for these guys never let their heels touch the ground. they take big strides and land on their toes. every time. these people tend to be my favorite.

now for all of you thinking what i big jerk i am, just take a trip to your local gym and watch. and im not saying i don't run like these people either, im just stating what ive seen at the gym and what makes me laugh. and maybe they physically have to run that way buuuuut..... lighten up.

the gym really is therapeutic. i get a work out and a great laugh all in one.

and no, i don't literally laugh out loud point my finger saying "LOOK!" it just brings a smile to my face.


spooky happenings

my trip to california was lovely. short and sweet, just the way i like it. except for when i go to california i like to drag it out as long as i possibly can, but this time my trip had to be short. as in two and a half days short. anyway, im back now and all is well. in california i did many-a-things. i went to eat at the cheesecake factory twice, went to the garden show in san fransisco (not my thing, grandma wanted to go) did loads and loads of shopping and of course ate lots of dessert. one of the highlights of my trip was going to the winchester mansion.
a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a lady named mrs winchester. she was married to the inventor of the winchester rifle. aka, mr. winchester. our good friend lady winchester was afraid that people killed by the winchester rifle would come back and haunt her for revenge. she was so paranoid about this. she took a trip to a psychic reader and the psychic told her that if she would build her house 24/7 that she would be free from any harm that the evil spirits would bring her. so, for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for THIRTY EIGHT YEARS, mrs winchester had people working on her house without stopping. as you can imagine after 38 years a house would be quite large. and large it is. it has approximately:
2,000 doors
160 rooms
13 bathrooms
40 staircases
47 fire places
6 kitchens
and 10,000 windows.
mrs winchester was INSANE! obviously.

so i had the opportunity to take a nice little tour through this mansion and i was creeped out, this house is so strange. mrs winchester was seriously disturbed. every night for two hours she would go into her seance room and call upon the good spirits. the good spirits would tell her how to build her house to keep out the evil spirits. so they say her house was "built by ghosts" anyway that's not what scared me.
this mansion has windows in the floor, it also has doors that open up to solid walls. the house has staircases that go to nowhere, or to the ceiling. every bathroom has a glass door on it. her favorite number, strangely enough was 13. it is the strangest place ive ever been. room after room after room, none of it made sense. it was like a giant maze i was seriously so lost inside. it was a cool experience but mrs winchester obviously had some problems.
oh look at that random door? lets just fall right off the 2nd floor shall we?
i really wish i could have taken pictures on the inside, it was so weird.

thats a cute looking stair case if you ask me!

random stairs that just go up to the ceiling.

take a trip to the winchester mystery mansion, its quite the experience.


bon voyage

im going there.
ill be back sometime, wish i was never coming back at all.

maybe ill go live with my aunt this summer. sounds like a good deal.


status: single.

I'm sure 95% of us here are single. some of us are probably wishing that we weren't, and others are perfectly happy the way things are. but this song i'm about to show you will make you wish that you were head over heels in love. if ANY guy sings this song to me, i will hands down marry him. this song is adorable. i can only wish that i find a man that would sing this song to me.

crazy girl, don't you know that i love you? i wouldn't dream of going no where. silly woman, come here let me hold you. have i told you lately i love you like crazy girl?

homework swept my life away

life, its a crazy one.

i swear, this week feels like its been a month long. but its only wednesday. what the heck? third term is the absolute worst. i don't know why third term is always so hard, but it feels like im dragging a bag of rocks around with me during third term. it just drags on, for years, and years, and years. maybe its because i have a nursing class that i have to keep up with. your probably saying "shut up about your tiny little college class." well, its a lot of work and im going to be making bank before you. so hah! but maybe its because third term is so close to summer, but your really not that close. maybe its just because ive had it with that darn high school and i never want to go back. but nursing mid terms are coming up soon and im going to cry. i just have to much to remember for that class. i have to know probably around 300-ish abbreviations and even more definitions. really, this week has been so long like i said before. i feel like i have sand bags on my eyes. ive had so much work to do. i have a test in at least two classes every day. life is so good, SO good. oh, another thing. i haven't been asked to prom, and it doesn't look like my chances are high either because i have absolutely no guy friends at the high school because... well, they are immature. anyways if you hear a cute guy say something a long the lines of  "who should i ask to prom? i have no one to ask." you should most definitely tell them to ask melia. because she is the coolest person around town and she would love to go to prom. so im counting on all of you to say that. and i know you will.

Friday i am going to california. you could say im pretty excited. ill be visiting my grandmas house and we are going to spend a day in san fransisco and then the rest of the time will be spent either shopping or eating. my two favorite things.

also, ive been looking at a lot of bridal blogs lately because weddings are a slight obsession of mine. i LOVE the location of these two bridals.

the end.


according to dorthy, theres no place like home.

i love places that make you feel good. you know? you walk in, sit down and it just feels right. you feel so comfterable, you can relax and everything is perfect. like cabelas, i walk in and feel freaking amazing. its so relaxing and i feel right at home. by the way, cabelas smells wonderful. anyway, here is my top 5 places that make me feel good.

une: home.
so i've heard that there is no place like home. my house is pretty awesome for a few reasons. first, that's where my family lives and i like my family. second, that's where the food is. and i definitely like food. third, its just the place where i feel the safest and i can take really good naps on my couch downstairs and my bed is the comfiest west of the mississippi.

duex: friends houses.
namely shannon and angela. ive spent a lot of time over at their houses. ive hung out at shannons house probably since diapers and ive spent the last 5-6 years at angies house. i love it there. i know their families, i know where the keep everything and i don't have to ask to use the bathroom or get a drink. plus i get to hang out with my two greatest friends while im there, so that's a plus.

trois: disneyland.
many of you know, i have a unhealthy obsession with disneyland. Ive been going to disneyland since the womb probably. actually before i was conceived. that didn't make since but whatever. point is, Ive been going to disneyland all my life. Ive been to disneyland well over fifty times. disneyland is like my second home. nothing brings me greater joy than walking down main street or strolling along adventure land. disneyland is pure joy.

quatre: the mountains.
ah, what a relaxing place. the mountains are just my place to get away from it all. the smell of pine trees, fresh air & dirt definitely put a smile on my face. i go up the canyon a lot for drives, picnics, campfires, camping, fishing, sledding and all sorts of things. especially when you got a cute cowboy next to you listening to country music, it makes life a little more enjoyable. i think the mountains are more relaxing than $100 massage.

cinq: the beach.
the beach comes in a close 2nd with the mountains. i obviously love the sun and anything warm. the sun feels so good. i especially love to lay out in the sand with the sound of the waves in the background. i have some of the best memories with my brother and cousins down at the beach. i love to wave jump & boogie board. even the salty air & dead fish smell makes me feel at home. even though california beaches arn't that great, they still are one of my favorite places. especially when i go with my cousins.

what are some of your favorite feel good places and why?


charlie horses and such

cute story i got for ya.
last night, in the middle of the bloody night, i woke up with a charlie horse in my left calf. let me tell you, charlie horses do NOT feel good. i thought it was a bad dream or something, but it never went away and i was in some serious discomfort. it probably would have been really cute to watch. too bad none of you were there. basically i was half-asleep thinking it was all a dream, squirming around in my bed in pain trying to figure out what on gods green earth was happening to me. finally after what felt like 10 minutes of me thinking i was in a dream, i finally came to my senses and realized i was not in a dream. of course, we all know (or should know) that flexing your muscle is the best way to make the pain go away. well, i wasn't thinking straight because i was still trying to figure out what was happening to me. so i started to point my toes instead of flexing them. long story short, i ended up causing myself a lot more trouble than i should have. i literally thought someone had shoved a knife right into my leg. i thought i was on my death bed. now i seriously wish someone was there to see this because it was probably hilarious. even though the pain still  haunts me from last night, im sure it would have been a great thing to see. waking up to pain is never a fun thing.
and i don't even know how to describe a charlie horse if you've never had one. all i can say is they hurt like heck and they make you want to scream. it feels like someone is tearing your muscle apart. hows that for a nice visual?

t-minus 5 days until california


what big eyes you have

Ive woken up the last two saturdays earlier than 11:00. in fact, its been more like seven when i woke up. I'm starting to question my sanity.

also, don't go see red riding hood. it was so lame. except for there was two way hot guys in it (go figure i would bring that up.) they were the only thing that held my attention. it was so cheesy and i found myself laughing at the movie half the time. it was horribly made like twilight, and we all know how that was. so take my advice, don't go see it. get it at redbox and pay $1 instead of $9.

today I'm going to color me mine. i may or may not be going on a date with my best friend Shannon. this will be interesting.

also, there are so many good movies that are coming out. i cant wait. there is one coming out called water for elephants. it has robert pattinson and reese witherspoon in it. don't worry, robert doesn't look like a fartin' fairy sparkle princess in this one (im referring to twilight.) he actually looks pretty dang cute in this new move coming out. I'm way excited for it and guess what else comes out this summer CARS 2!! I'm excited, i love cars.


hide your kids, hide your wife.

i have a crush on costa vida.
also, im a little scared because a kid named jordan anthony that went to pleasant grove, was recently arrested in texas for kidnapping a girl from her house in arizona. and im talking about, he graduated within the last two years. in fact, he lives right up the street for me. i used to see him outside playing basketball all the time. just a little freaky. not saying that he is a horrible person, but what he did wasnt right.
look familiar anyone? if you have an older yearbook from one of your older siblings, go look him up.
way to represent PG!

i swear, my neighborhood is the craziest. cops in my culdesac every day, kidnappers up the street, drug busts weekly, the cops were here last week for a huge fight that broke out.. i live in the greatest place ever.


baby lock them doors

well, not to toot my own horn or anything...
actually just kidding. i am going to toot my own horn.
big news: (for me at least)
i passed my nursing class with an A this term.
only one more term to handle.
and you know what? i feel just fine boasting it to the world because i dang well deserved that A! i worked my freaking butt off every day to get that grade. at least an hour a night of studying and continuous homework. i had a big test every single week for this last term. plus i had a workbook due every week and labs to complete. and on top of that i had to pass things off one on one with my very favorite instructor. I'm so proud of that A. which goes to prove, if i really want something, i WILL get it.
really, this class is the best thing that has happened to me this far.

also, i think i honestly just need to make this blog about hot men. because every day i swear i have a new guy i want to share with you. there is just so many attractive men out there i cant contain myself. so today's hottie is Scotty McCreery, from American Idol. this county boy has won my heart.

its not his looks that won me, its his voice.
oh lanta, his voice is dreamy.


you aint nothin but a hound dog.

remember this post right here?
well good news. today my car stereo was fixed. and guess what? we didnt have to pay a dime. pretty awesome if you ask me. so in honor of my new sound system, i decided it would only be appropriate if i cleaned the car. i went the whole 10 yards. or 9 yards... whatever. i vacuumed it, cleaned the windows, the dash, seats and every thing else in between. except i didnt wash the outside because thats not a good idea since its going to rain. i thought that was a good idea on my part.
moving on.

this guy right here:
i wish Elvis was still alive. i love his music, all of it. his voice just makes me swoon. and his songs make me want to dance. no wonder all the girls fainted when they saw him, hes irresistible. id probably faint too if i ever saw him. he makes my heart melt.


odds and ends

things i liked today:
becoming CPR certified
running 30 minutes w/o stopping
this weather
hanging out with great friends
elephant made out of pipe cleaners
seeing willy
parking my car in Angie's garage

things i didn't like today:
japan blowing up all over the place
getting out of class 20 minutes late
bad drivers
having to pee really bad but no bathroom.

in other news:
the gym has officially become my 2nd home. id say two hours every night is a little much. seriously, if you cant find me at home there is only one other place i'd be. but honestly, there is nothing better than running and doing ab work outs. so prime. really, if i don't go to the gym im in the worst grouchy mood. exercising is where i can let all my energy and stress out. its a great place to be.

hey kids, there is worse things i could be doing. like cocaine and dropping out of high school.

y'all have yourselves a good night.


sunday's reflections

i know the title of this post is really stupid, its meant to be. im starting a new tradition here at life in the fast lane. every sunday im going to say what made me happy, what made me sad and what i learned in the past week. and so we begin.

the good
-i got a big box of junior mints in chuch
-i bought plane tickets to california
-downloading eric church's new single
-the health fair
-going out to 5-mile and getting muddy
-red mango
-pizza factory with angela
-daddy spoke in church
-going to the gym every night
-realizing my birthday is coming soon
-walking around the U's school of medicine
-getting lost in alpine
-free drinks at harts

the not so good
-sitting through 3 hours of first aid training
-6 hours of communication classes at the U
-no trip to walkers this week
-my room is still a disaster
-i have to go to a stake meeting tonight
-knowing that im going to be missing MATC
-my teenage years are ticking away fast
-ate so much junk food this week

what i learned
-sometimes not studying does pay off
-im not good at playing cards
-sometimes you need to let people go no matter how much it hurts
-that nursing is right for me
-paramedics is not for me
-basic first aid

the good usually out weighs the bad.


please, take me away

oh baby, im ready. take me now.
so i decided after six long hours of boring classes in which i had no interest, i will not be attending the U of U for communications.
but, i was reminded yet again, that nursing is the right place for me.
every other subject that ive thought about or went to classes for or learned about just seem so boring. every time i hear the word medical, nursing or hospital my heart does a little flutter. i know now more than ever before that nursing is my thing.
during my six hours of classes today the only thing i could think about was "please lets leave this class and go to the medical school." so thats what me and angie did after our boring classes. and you know what? the medical school feels just right.

no, i wont be attending university of utah,
but i will be attending university of utah school of medicine
where i can go to nursing college.


the only constant thing is change

i feel like i am so much bigger than this high school.
i feel like im bigger than anything pleasant grove has to offer me.
scratch that, bigger than utah. im sick of this bubble we call happy valley.
if you really knew me, you would know that i hate change. i love to keep things how they are and i feel so vulnerable when things change. but for some reason, ive been craving change. i need a change of scenery, i need something new in my life. something fun. something exciting & thrilling. some days i want to grow up and never look back. and then other days i never want to leave my teenage years behind. ive got the two of the greatest friends anyone could ask for. and ive got great memories. but on the other hand, i just need something new. i feel like high school is such a waste of time. maybe its because i have hardly any friends there. maybe its because i hate high school so much and never spend any time there. maybe its because i jumped the gun and hung out with people way too old for me when i should of hung out with kids my age. maybe its because i grew up too fast from all the trials ive been through due to my stupid decisions. either way, its too late now and i cant go back. i cant wait to get out of high school and do something with my life. i cant wait to experience the world. news flash: utah is not experiencing the world. at least not to me. the world has so much more to offer than this place.

i want to go to africa and help the starving & poor, more than once.
 i want to go to new york for new years eve.
i want to go scuba diving in australia.
i want to be a friend to every handicapt kid i can find.
i want to help the sick, and care for the old.
i want to find my prince charming who will love me for who i am.
i want to graduate college with a bachelors degree of science in nursing
i want to travel the world
i want to live in france
i want to run the 26.2
i want to host a foreign exchange student
i want to attend every nascar race in the season
i want to go to england and visit castles
i want to climb mt everest
i want to kiss my sweetheart on the top of the eiffel tower
i want to have kids
i want to go to go washington dc again
i want to change the world.

please, graduation come faster.


dilemmas of a nascar fan

Ive got some dilemmas.
number one, i need some new men in my life. i didn't have that many to begin with but i find myself getting bored of the same thing every weekend. i need change. which is funny because i usually hate change. but honestly, im just so sick of school. i want guy friends that DON'T go to the high school. i wish i was in college right now.

which brings me to my second dilemma, where should i go to college? it is a necessity that i go to a college with a nursing program. which really narrows my choices down, but really. im stressing.

dilemma number trois (3 in french, if you couldn't figure it out) my momma is going to california in a few weeks to hang out with my g-ma. i love california with my whole heart but i don't know if i should go. the problem is, i would have to miss part of MATC. and if you miss MATC, its like an instant death wish. you learn so much in one day, i honestly don't know if i could catch back up. angela missed ONE stinkin' day of MATC, and she had to write four papers. really, i want to go to california and go shopping, but nursing is important.
ah heck screw it, im freaking going to california. (i just decided that)

dilemma number quartre, kind of has to do with dilemma number une. i am truly afraid that i will never get married. im afraid that i wont have a social life in college and ill never find a hottie cowboy. and what if there isn't even cowboys at my college i go to? wow it just scares me to death. if i cant find a cowboy, i will most definitely marry a paramedic, because they are freaking fine. today, i had a 25 minute chat with the hottest paramedic in the back of an ambulance. TRUE STORY! he told me all about people that throw up in the ambulance and he even was courteous enough to tell me that dead people had laid right where i was sitting. it was probably life changing. it was a really deep conversation as you can tell. anyways, now that im way off subject, i just hope i get married.

which  brings me to the last dilemma, dilemma cinq.
i would very much like my wedding ring to look like this:
i hope my fiance is rich.

someone help.

mon meilleurs amis

lets get real here, i obviously have the two best friends in the world.
i'll stay redneck & happy.

us three together = pure chaos.
no one can raise hell quite like us three.


made me laugh

and thats what rodeos are all about.
one day this little kid is going to be a stud.
im going to marry a bull rider one day.


its probably true

yes, i think this is funny even though i happen to be an avid nascar fan. one of my biggest pet peeves is when people say "oh my gosh i hate nascar so much." i bet 99.9% of the time they havent even watched a race. its like hating a food before you even try it. or hating a person before you meet them. dont jude a book by its cover (:

i guess ill have to wait another 10 years

i am not a happy camper.
my whole life we have had the same car. in fact, we still have that car and now i drive it. a red jeep.
when i was little, the stereo blew out. i begged my mom for years to replace it and she never did. finally, my sixteenth birthday was coming up and because i knew i wasn't going to be getting a car i asked for a new stereo in the car. well my wish was granted and i got my stereo after 10 years of waiting.
this winter, my brother took the jeep up the canyon to go snowboarding. he left the lights on and the car battery died. my brother, not knowing anything about cars put the connector cables in the wrong places and basically blew up the battery. we got the car fixed, but my stereo would no longer work. ive begged my mom to take it back to sound warehouse to fix it. she finally took it back to get it checked out and guess what? my brother blew out the whole stereo. MY birthday present is broken. i waited a whole 10 years for a stereo and when i finally get one, it gets broken. the thing that makes me mad is that i haven't even had that stereo for a year. NOT EVEN A YEAR! thanks to my brother, i no longer have a stereo and im probably not getting another one. so much for that birthday present...

my gosh, if he was a redneck like me we wouldn't of had this problem in the first place. he would have known where to put the cables. maybe he should have asked someone. brothers sometimes...


were not always going to be there to coddle your heart back when it disapears to be working.

you may or may not know, but i have the biggest obsession with the show, the office. actually its probably more than an obsession. i have seasons 1-6 on DVD and i watch them every Sunday with Shannon. i can out-quote you and Ive seen every episode to date. anyways, my favorite episode is when they teach the office how to do CPR. i think this clip is only appropriate because tomorrow ill be training to become CPR certified in my nursing class. so of course, this short clip got brought to my mind. please, please, watch this. its 3 minutes but its hilarious.
the first couple seconds of the video are fuzzy, but at 9 seconds it gets better.

of course, im going to sing the song "stayin alive" when i do my CPR

if your happy and you know it clap your hands.

i think we have a topic i need to address.
i am not an angry person.
i am sorry i have a frown plastered on my face. actually i don't have a frown plastered on my face. i just happen to look like an extremely mad person when i have a straight face. i am sorry i do not walk around school with a smile glued on my face. just because I'm not smiling doesn't mean I'm pissed at the world. just because i have a straight face doesn't mean I'm glaring at you. i really am not mad all the time. people say that i walk around all the time looking like I'm mad. well truth is, I'm not mad. i cant help the way my face looks when I'm not smiling. this is like the 4th comment Ive gotten in the last week saying "you need to cheer up." well actually i was perfectly happy until you said that. just because i don't smile at everyone in the halls doesn't mean i hate them. honestly, if you find me outside of school I'm probably one of the happiest girls you will ever meet. high school brings out the worst in me. it makes me angry, annoyed and mad. so seriously, come find me somewhere else and I'll probably look much happier. if you find me in the summer i will most definitely have a smile plastered on my face. i am not a mean person, and i do not glare. i just don't smile all the time and i tend to look mad when i have a straight face. but i promise you I'm not. but really, high school is not my happy place so I'm not going to act like I'm walking on clouds while I'm there. find me outside of school, ill be much more friendly. but in the mean time, if I'm not smiling it doesn't mean I'm in a horrible mood. 
like Ive said before and i will say it again, I'm good at hiding my emotions.  


nothing like a good cattle drive

tonight was not my night. so i watched australia. if you haven't seen it, i highly suggest it.
whats better than this little cute boy and hottie hugh jackman? that's right, hardly anything. i would definitely adopt that little boy if i could. hes adorable. anyway, find a copy and watch it. its a little long, but worth it.

space mountain is my ride of choice.

i know lots of people have a blog to write about deep, meaningful topics in hope that they will change one poor lost soul in this world for the better. not i, i can not write to save my life and i don't write. i don't write moving papers and i sure don't write my feelings on this blog because i am pro at keeping my feelings under lock and key. but i do have feelings. the one thing i do on this blog is write about my life experiences, i write about my day to day activities and my outlook on this crazy thing called life. i try to keep things as humorous and sarcastic as possible, because you see, i am not a serious person. i think if i was a serious person i would write about moving topics and things that make you think. but alas, i am not that person. i am anything but serious. i laugh at absolutely everything. so therefore, im not one to write about serious things. that being said, i think that life for me is more of a roller coaster than a journey. to me, a journey sounds like one long boring road with no twists or turns. it sounds repetitive, dull and mundane. but a roller coaster is fast, thrilling with many twists and turns. it can go upside down, or dip. and so i compare my life to a roller coaster, not a journey. id much rather take the surprises of a roller coaster over the long walk of a journey. im going to live in this moment and enjoy my wild ride. im not going to rush through my life and try to get to a "destination." we all need to just enjoy this ride while it lasts because before you know it we arnt going to be teenagers anymore. were going to be married with a family of our own, and i can guarantee were going to look back and say "dang, i miss that."


im the real deal

would ya look at that. i feel so professional right now i almost cant contain my excitement. i got my photo ID card today so i can go do my clinicals for nursing. look, it even says im a CNA in the bottom corner. i just love that. CNA is seriously the best class ive ever taken and i love my instructor so much. she is the nicest lady ever and she is basically hilarious. i have to miss school a few times to go do clinicals. clinical is where i go work at a hospital/care facility and don't get paid for it. i need sixteen hours of clinical before i can get my CNA license so ill be doing a lot of them. im kind of nervous for that. i know what im doing while im at school but im sure its a totally different experience when i get into a real care facility.
 nursing is definitely the right career choice for me.

like my nails? i got the idea from this lovely blog here

y'all  have a great friday night.
and if you see anyone running around the neighborhood or hiding in your bushes, its probably just me playing fugitive. if its not me, you might wanna call the police.


just rambling

it was a good day. i officially started my countdown to summer today and there is approximately 3 months left of school, which will go by fast. i also got the first pictures of my brother today. i haven't seen him in 1 and a half months. i sure do miss him. but seeing his pictures made me happy. his hair is SO short. my whole life my brothers hair has been either long, or shaggy. now its completely buzzed. my jaw dropped when i saw his pictures.
my brother is the guy in the yellow. wearing a super mario t-shirt.
hes a nerd, i know.

so basically im super excited for summer to come. actually i cant wait any longer. today it was 55 degrees outside and it felt like a little bit of heaven. i cant wait for those shorts and cowboy boots baby. my summer is probably going to rock more than yours.

girls camp
disneyland hotel
california for 2 weeks
arizona (maybe)
hours and hours of driving around.
blasting music with the windows down
campfires EVERY night
utah lake/ lone peak pond
strawberry days rodeo every night
and every other rodeo in utah county

gosh im going to die of excitement.