according to dorthy, theres no place like home.

i love places that make you feel good. you know? you walk in, sit down and it just feels right. you feel so comfterable, you can relax and everything is perfect. like cabelas, i walk in and feel freaking amazing. its so relaxing and i feel right at home. by the way, cabelas smells wonderful. anyway, here is my top 5 places that make me feel good.

une: home.
so i've heard that there is no place like home. my house is pretty awesome for a few reasons. first, that's where my family lives and i like my family. second, that's where the food is. and i definitely like food. third, its just the place where i feel the safest and i can take really good naps on my couch downstairs and my bed is the comfiest west of the mississippi.

duex: friends houses.
namely shannon and angela. ive spent a lot of time over at their houses. ive hung out at shannons house probably since diapers and ive spent the last 5-6 years at angies house. i love it there. i know their families, i know where the keep everything and i don't have to ask to use the bathroom or get a drink. plus i get to hang out with my two greatest friends while im there, so that's a plus.

trois: disneyland.
many of you know, i have a unhealthy obsession with disneyland. Ive been going to disneyland since the womb probably. actually before i was conceived. that didn't make since but whatever. point is, Ive been going to disneyland all my life. Ive been to disneyland well over fifty times. disneyland is like my second home. nothing brings me greater joy than walking down main street or strolling along adventure land. disneyland is pure joy.

quatre: the mountains.
ah, what a relaxing place. the mountains are just my place to get away from it all. the smell of pine trees, fresh air & dirt definitely put a smile on my face. i go up the canyon a lot for drives, picnics, campfires, camping, fishing, sledding and all sorts of things. especially when you got a cute cowboy next to you listening to country music, it makes life a little more enjoyable. i think the mountains are more relaxing than $100 massage.

cinq: the beach.
the beach comes in a close 2nd with the mountains. i obviously love the sun and anything warm. the sun feels so good. i especially love to lay out in the sand with the sound of the waves in the background. i have some of the best memories with my brother and cousins down at the beach. i love to wave jump & boogie board. even the salty air & dead fish smell makes me feel at home. even though california beaches arn't that great, they still are one of my favorite places. especially when i go with my cousins.

what are some of your favorite feel good places and why?

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