baby lock them doors

well, not to toot my own horn or anything...
actually just kidding. i am going to toot my own horn.
big news: (for me at least)
i passed my nursing class with an A this term.
only one more term to handle.
and you know what? i feel just fine boasting it to the world because i dang well deserved that A! i worked my freaking butt off every day to get that grade. at least an hour a night of studying and continuous homework. i had a big test every single week for this last term. plus i had a workbook due every week and labs to complete. and on top of that i had to pass things off one on one with my very favorite instructor. I'm so proud of that A. which goes to prove, if i really want something, i WILL get it.
really, this class is the best thing that has happened to me this far.

also, i think i honestly just need to make this blog about hot men. because every day i swear i have a new guy i want to share with you. there is just so many attractive men out there i cant contain myself. so today's hottie is Scotty McCreery, from American Idol. this county boy has won my heart.

its not his looks that won me, its his voice.
oh lanta, his voice is dreamy.

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