charlie horses and such

cute story i got for ya.
last night, in the middle of the bloody night, i woke up with a charlie horse in my left calf. let me tell you, charlie horses do NOT feel good. i thought it was a bad dream or something, but it never went away and i was in some serious discomfort. it probably would have been really cute to watch. too bad none of you were there. basically i was half-asleep thinking it was all a dream, squirming around in my bed in pain trying to figure out what on gods green earth was happening to me. finally after what felt like 10 minutes of me thinking i was in a dream, i finally came to my senses and realized i was not in a dream. of course, we all know (or should know) that flexing your muscle is the best way to make the pain go away. well, i wasn't thinking straight because i was still trying to figure out what was happening to me. so i started to point my toes instead of flexing them. long story short, i ended up causing myself a lot more trouble than i should have. i literally thought someone had shoved a knife right into my leg. i thought i was on my death bed. now i seriously wish someone was there to see this because it was probably hilarious. even though the pain still  haunts me from last night, im sure it would have been a great thing to see. waking up to pain is never a fun thing.
and i don't even know how to describe a charlie horse if you've never had one. all i can say is they hurt like heck and they make you want to scream. it feels like someone is tearing your muscle apart. hows that for a nice visual?

t-minus 5 days until california

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