dilemmas of a nascar fan

Ive got some dilemmas.
number one, i need some new men in my life. i didn't have that many to begin with but i find myself getting bored of the same thing every weekend. i need change. which is funny because i usually hate change. but honestly, im just so sick of school. i want guy friends that DON'T go to the high school. i wish i was in college right now.

which brings me to my second dilemma, where should i go to college? it is a necessity that i go to a college with a nursing program. which really narrows my choices down, but really. im stressing.

dilemma number trois (3 in french, if you couldn't figure it out) my momma is going to california in a few weeks to hang out with my g-ma. i love california with my whole heart but i don't know if i should go. the problem is, i would have to miss part of MATC. and if you miss MATC, its like an instant death wish. you learn so much in one day, i honestly don't know if i could catch back up. angela missed ONE stinkin' day of MATC, and she had to write four papers. really, i want to go to california and go shopping, but nursing is important.
ah heck screw it, im freaking going to california. (i just decided that)

dilemma number quartre, kind of has to do with dilemma number une. i am truly afraid that i will never get married. im afraid that i wont have a social life in college and ill never find a hottie cowboy. and what if there isn't even cowboys at my college i go to? wow it just scares me to death. if i cant find a cowboy, i will most definitely marry a paramedic, because they are freaking fine. today, i had a 25 minute chat with the hottest paramedic in the back of an ambulance. TRUE STORY! he told me all about people that throw up in the ambulance and he even was courteous enough to tell me that dead people had laid right where i was sitting. it was probably life changing. it was a really deep conversation as you can tell. anyways, now that im way off subject, i just hope i get married.

which  brings me to the last dilemma, dilemma cinq.
i would very much like my wedding ring to look like this:
i hope my fiance is rich.

someone help.

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