hide your kids, hide your wife.

i have a crush on costa vida.
also, im a little scared because a kid named jordan anthony that went to pleasant grove, was recently arrested in texas for kidnapping a girl from her house in arizona. and im talking about, he graduated within the last two years. in fact, he lives right up the street for me. i used to see him outside playing basketball all the time. just a little freaky. not saying that he is a horrible person, but what he did wasnt right.
look familiar anyone? if you have an older yearbook from one of your older siblings, go look him up.
way to represent PG!

i swear, my neighborhood is the craziest. cops in my culdesac every day, kidnappers up the street, drug busts weekly, the cops were here last week for a huge fight that broke out.. i live in the greatest place ever.


caihay said...

oh don't worry, mine too. we had a registered sex offender who lived down the street. super sketch.

robyn.fitts said...

no worries.
he lives 4 houses down from max.
he used to come and visit the highschool during lunch 1st semester.

Hailey said...

we used to call him the cool chinese kid........ i'm pretty sure he went to my grade school. i'm creeped