homework swept my life away

life, its a crazy one.

i swear, this week feels like its been a month long. but its only wednesday. what the heck? third term is the absolute worst. i don't know why third term is always so hard, but it feels like im dragging a bag of rocks around with me during third term. it just drags on, for years, and years, and years. maybe its because i have a nursing class that i have to keep up with. your probably saying "shut up about your tiny little college class." well, its a lot of work and im going to be making bank before you. so hah! but maybe its because third term is so close to summer, but your really not that close. maybe its just because ive had it with that darn high school and i never want to go back. but nursing mid terms are coming up soon and im going to cry. i just have to much to remember for that class. i have to know probably around 300-ish abbreviations and even more definitions. really, this week has been so long like i said before. i feel like i have sand bags on my eyes. ive had so much work to do. i have a test in at least two classes every day. life is so good, SO good. oh, another thing. i haven't been asked to prom, and it doesn't look like my chances are high either because i have absolutely no guy friends at the high school because... well, they are immature. anyways if you hear a cute guy say something a long the lines of  "who should i ask to prom? i have no one to ask." you should most definitely tell them to ask melia. because she is the coolest person around town and she would love to go to prom. so im counting on all of you to say that. and i know you will.

Friday i am going to california. you could say im pretty excited. ill be visiting my grandmas house and we are going to spend a day in san fransisco and then the rest of the time will be spent either shopping or eating. my two favorite things.

also, ive been looking at a lot of bridal blogs lately because weddings are a slight obsession of mine. i LOVE the location of these two bridals.

the end.

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Kelsey said...

that first one, is my future wedding dress. and location. and everything.

its whatever though.