i guess ill have to wait another 10 years

i am not a happy camper.
my whole life we have had the same car. in fact, we still have that car and now i drive it. a red jeep.
when i was little, the stereo blew out. i begged my mom for years to replace it and she never did. finally, my sixteenth birthday was coming up and because i knew i wasn't going to be getting a car i asked for a new stereo in the car. well my wish was granted and i got my stereo after 10 years of waiting.
this winter, my brother took the jeep up the canyon to go snowboarding. he left the lights on and the car battery died. my brother, not knowing anything about cars put the connector cables in the wrong places and basically blew up the battery. we got the car fixed, but my stereo would no longer work. ive begged my mom to take it back to sound warehouse to fix it. she finally took it back to get it checked out and guess what? my brother blew out the whole stereo. MY birthday present is broken. i waited a whole 10 years for a stereo and when i finally get one, it gets broken. the thing that makes me mad is that i haven't even had that stereo for a year. NOT EVEN A YEAR! thanks to my brother, i no longer have a stereo and im probably not getting another one. so much for that birthday present...

my gosh, if he was a redneck like me we wouldn't of had this problem in the first place. he would have known where to put the cables. maybe he should have asked someone. brothers sometimes...

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