i just wanna run

the gym is my happy spot for two reasons.
1. its great to work out, and let your anger & stress out. its so relaxing.
2. its hilarious to watch other people run.

i spend most of my gym time on the track. a lot of other people do too. spending many miles on the track i have seen all sorts of different runners. and that's where i come to my point that watching people at the gym is very entertaining. especially the runners.

the prancers:
the ones that prance like a deer. the most common of the runners. we've all seen them. they seem to bounce off the tip of their toes as they take each step.

 the hunchies:
the ones who move their shoulders more than they move their legs. they lift their shoulders five times more than they take strides. we run with our feet buddy, not our shoulders.

the leapers:
the ones whose steps are equal to 10 feet and every time they take a big stride, their arms move about as far forward as their legs do.

the arm flailers:
the ones who don't keep their arms by their side while their hands are all over the place. the ones who cris-cross their arms as they run. like turning their torso left to right instead of swinging their arms front to back. (this is actually horrible running technique. i was in track. im not trying to sound like a know-it-all)

the fakers:
the ones who are imitating running but really they are just speed walking really fast. they never pick their feet up off the ground.

the social butterflies.
these are the worst. these are the junior high girls that have no intent on actually working out. their intents are set on the men. they do whatever they possibly can to get the guys attention. the guys obviously know whats going on. but they do get my attention because they ARE SO DARN ANNOYING! ah, junior high girls. so cute. and no they don't run, nor do they walk. they do kart-wheels around the track and pull their shirts down as low as they go. ah, just my favorite.

the tip-toers:
the tip toers are a descendant of the prancers. except for these guys never let their heels touch the ground. they take big strides and land on their toes. every time. these people tend to be my favorite.

now for all of you thinking what i big jerk i am, just take a trip to your local gym and watch. and im not saying i don't run like these people either, im just stating what ive seen at the gym and what makes me laugh. and maybe they physically have to run that way buuuuut..... lighten up.

the gym really is therapeutic. i get a work out and a great laugh all in one.

and no, i don't literally laugh out loud point my finger saying "LOOK!" it just brings a smile to my face.

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