if your happy and you know it clap your hands.

i think we have a topic i need to address.
i am not an angry person.
i am sorry i have a frown plastered on my face. actually i don't have a frown plastered on my face. i just happen to look like an extremely mad person when i have a straight face. i am sorry i do not walk around school with a smile glued on my face. just because I'm not smiling doesn't mean I'm pissed at the world. just because i have a straight face doesn't mean I'm glaring at you. i really am not mad all the time. people say that i walk around all the time looking like I'm mad. well truth is, I'm not mad. i cant help the way my face looks when I'm not smiling. this is like the 4th comment Ive gotten in the last week saying "you need to cheer up." well actually i was perfectly happy until you said that. just because i don't smile at everyone in the halls doesn't mean i hate them. honestly, if you find me outside of school I'm probably one of the happiest girls you will ever meet. high school brings out the worst in me. it makes me angry, annoyed and mad. so seriously, come find me somewhere else and I'll probably look much happier. if you find me in the summer i will most definitely have a smile plastered on my face. i am not a mean person, and i do not glare. i just don't smile all the time and i tend to look mad when i have a straight face. but i promise you I'm not. but really, high school is not my happy place so I'm not going to act like I'm walking on clouds while I'm there. find me outside of school, ill be much more friendly. but in the mean time, if I'm not smiling it doesn't mean I'm in a horrible mood. 
like Ive said before and i will say it again, I'm good at hiding my emotions.  

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