im the real deal

would ya look at that. i feel so professional right now i almost cant contain my excitement. i got my photo ID card today so i can go do my clinicals for nursing. look, it even says im a CNA in the bottom corner. i just love that. CNA is seriously the best class ive ever taken and i love my instructor so much. she is the nicest lady ever and she is basically hilarious. i have to miss school a few times to go do clinicals. clinical is where i go work at a hospital/care facility and don't get paid for it. i need sixteen hours of clinical before i can get my CNA license so ill be doing a lot of them. im kind of nervous for that. i know what im doing while im at school but im sure its a totally different experience when i get into a real care facility.
 nursing is definitely the right career choice for me.

like my nails? i got the idea from this lovely blog here

y'all  have a great friday night.
and if you see anyone running around the neighborhood or hiding in your bushes, its probably just me playing fugitive. if its not me, you might wanna call the police.

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mardiiiii said...

i love love love your nails.