just rambling

it was a good day. i officially started my countdown to summer today and there is approximately 3 months left of school, which will go by fast. i also got the first pictures of my brother today. i haven't seen him in 1 and a half months. i sure do miss him. but seeing his pictures made me happy. his hair is SO short. my whole life my brothers hair has been either long, or shaggy. now its completely buzzed. my jaw dropped when i saw his pictures.
my brother is the guy in the yellow. wearing a super mario t-shirt.
hes a nerd, i know.

so basically im super excited for summer to come. actually i cant wait any longer. today it was 55 degrees outside and it felt like a little bit of heaven. i cant wait for those shorts and cowboy boots baby. my summer is probably going to rock more than yours.

girls camp
disneyland hotel
california for 2 weeks
arizona (maybe)
hours and hours of driving around.
blasting music with the windows down
campfires EVERY night
utah lake/ lone peak pond
strawberry days rodeo every night
and every other rodeo in utah county

gosh im going to die of excitement.

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