no gagging noises

do you like a mix between cat throw up and canned cat food?
because i sure do. i ate some today.

rewind, i really didn't. today in nursing we talked a lot about nutrition and how to feed patients. some patients have trouble swallowing and chewing so we put them on something called " puree diet" which means everything they eat is blended to mush. we like to call it baby food diet. it just makes it easier for them to eat. but, it includes blending up all of their food in the blender. so today, we got to try out a puree diet. we mixed together roast beef, rice, and vegetables in a blender. it smelled good before it was mixed but after the blending it literally smelled like cat food. we all tried it, and it tasted like tuna fish. tell me how roast beef turns into tuna? anyways i took one bite and it was disgusting. it was cat food i swear.

the next thing we tried was called "thick-it." its a powder you add to fluids to make them thicker. hence the name. its used for people who choke easily. lets just say it was NASTIEST thing Ive ever swallowed. we added the thick-it to water and it turned it into a pudding consistency. its probably the weirdest thing Ive ever seen, like it came from mars. i know its hard to imagine but try to think of water flavored pudding. that's what it was. and it was all chunky and gritty yet it was water. it was so weird & gross. i gagged when i swallowed the pudding concoction. my teacher said "no gagging noises." well gee, i cant help it. sometimes i feel so bad for old people. they have it so hard.

5K tonight at the gym. heck yes.

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mardiiiii said...

you said you took a bite of the stuff.
you took a gulp.
and gagged.