odds and ends

things i liked today:
becoming CPR certified
running 30 minutes w/o stopping
this weather
hanging out with great friends
elephant made out of pipe cleaners
seeing willy
parking my car in Angie's garage

things i didn't like today:
japan blowing up all over the place
getting out of class 20 minutes late
bad drivers
having to pee really bad but no bathroom.

in other news:
the gym has officially become my 2nd home. id say two hours every night is a little much. seriously, if you cant find me at home there is only one other place i'd be. but honestly, there is nothing better than running and doing ab work outs. so prime. really, if i don't go to the gym im in the worst grouchy mood. exercising is where i can let all my energy and stress out. its a great place to be.

hey kids, there is worse things i could be doing. like cocaine and dropping out of high school.

y'all have yourselves a good night.

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