the only constant thing is change

i feel like i am so much bigger than this high school.
i feel like im bigger than anything pleasant grove has to offer me.
scratch that, bigger than utah. im sick of this bubble we call happy valley.
if you really knew me, you would know that i hate change. i love to keep things how they are and i feel so vulnerable when things change. but for some reason, ive been craving change. i need a change of scenery, i need something new in my life. something fun. something exciting & thrilling. some days i want to grow up and never look back. and then other days i never want to leave my teenage years behind. ive got the two of the greatest friends anyone could ask for. and ive got great memories. but on the other hand, i just need something new. i feel like high school is such a waste of time. maybe its because i have hardly any friends there. maybe its because i hate high school so much and never spend any time there. maybe its because i jumped the gun and hung out with people way too old for me when i should of hung out with kids my age. maybe its because i grew up too fast from all the trials ive been through due to my stupid decisions. either way, its too late now and i cant go back. i cant wait to get out of high school and do something with my life. i cant wait to experience the world. news flash: utah is not experiencing the world. at least not to me. the world has so much more to offer than this place.

i want to go to africa and help the starving & poor, more than once.
 i want to go to new york for new years eve.
i want to go scuba diving in australia.
i want to be a friend to every handicapt kid i can find.
i want to help the sick, and care for the old.
i want to find my prince charming who will love me for who i am.
i want to graduate college with a bachelors degree of science in nursing
i want to travel the world
i want to live in france
i want to run the 26.2
i want to host a foreign exchange student
i want to attend every nascar race in the season
i want to go to england and visit castles
i want to climb mt everest
i want to kiss my sweetheart on the top of the eiffel tower
i want to have kids
i want to go to go washington dc again
i want to change the world.

please, graduation come faster.

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