please, take me away

oh baby, im ready. take me now.
so i decided after six long hours of boring classes in which i had no interest, i will not be attending the U of U for communications.
but, i was reminded yet again, that nursing is the right place for me.
every other subject that ive thought about or went to classes for or learned about just seem so boring. every time i hear the word medical, nursing or hospital my heart does a little flutter. i know now more than ever before that nursing is my thing.
during my six hours of classes today the only thing i could think about was "please lets leave this class and go to the medical school." so thats what me and angie did after our boring classes. and you know what? the medical school feels just right.

no, i wont be attending university of utah,
but i will be attending university of utah school of medicine
where i can go to nursing college.

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