space mountain is my ride of choice.

i know lots of people have a blog to write about deep, meaningful topics in hope that they will change one poor lost soul in this world for the better. not i, i can not write to save my life and i don't write. i don't write moving papers and i sure don't write my feelings on this blog because i am pro at keeping my feelings under lock and key. but i do have feelings. the one thing i do on this blog is write about my life experiences, i write about my day to day activities and my outlook on this crazy thing called life. i try to keep things as humorous and sarcastic as possible, because you see, i am not a serious person. i think if i was a serious person i would write about moving topics and things that make you think. but alas, i am not that person. i am anything but serious. i laugh at absolutely everything. so therefore, im not one to write about serious things. that being said, i think that life for me is more of a roller coaster than a journey. to me, a journey sounds like one long boring road with no twists or turns. it sounds repetitive, dull and mundane. but a roller coaster is fast, thrilling with many twists and turns. it can go upside down, or dip. and so i compare my life to a roller coaster, not a journey. id much rather take the surprises of a roller coaster over the long walk of a journey. im going to live in this moment and enjoy my wild ride. im not going to rush through my life and try to get to a "destination." we all need to just enjoy this ride while it lasts because before you know it we arnt going to be teenagers anymore. were going to be married with a family of our own, and i can guarantee were going to look back and say "dang, i miss that."

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mardiiiii said...

without knowing it, you just wrote a post that made me think.
mission accomplished melia.
and you too can write.