spooky happenings

my trip to california was lovely. short and sweet, just the way i like it. except for when i go to california i like to drag it out as long as i possibly can, but this time my trip had to be short. as in two and a half days short. anyway, im back now and all is well. in california i did many-a-things. i went to eat at the cheesecake factory twice, went to the garden show in san fransisco (not my thing, grandma wanted to go) did loads and loads of shopping and of course ate lots of dessert. one of the highlights of my trip was going to the winchester mansion.
a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a lady named mrs winchester. she was married to the inventor of the winchester rifle. aka, mr. winchester. our good friend lady winchester was afraid that people killed by the winchester rifle would come back and haunt her for revenge. she was so paranoid about this. she took a trip to a psychic reader and the psychic told her that if she would build her house 24/7 that she would be free from any harm that the evil spirits would bring her. so, for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for THIRTY EIGHT YEARS, mrs winchester had people working on her house without stopping. as you can imagine after 38 years a house would be quite large. and large it is. it has approximately:
2,000 doors
160 rooms
13 bathrooms
40 staircases
47 fire places
6 kitchens
and 10,000 windows.
mrs winchester was INSANE! obviously.

so i had the opportunity to take a nice little tour through this mansion and i was creeped out, this house is so strange. mrs winchester was seriously disturbed. every night for two hours she would go into her seance room and call upon the good spirits. the good spirits would tell her how to build her house to keep out the evil spirits. so they say her house was "built by ghosts" anyway that's not what scared me.
this mansion has windows in the floor, it also has doors that open up to solid walls. the house has staircases that go to nowhere, or to the ceiling. every bathroom has a glass door on it. her favorite number, strangely enough was 13. it is the strangest place ive ever been. room after room after room, none of it made sense. it was like a giant maze i was seriously so lost inside. it was a cool experience but mrs winchester obviously had some problems.
oh look at that random door? lets just fall right off the 2nd floor shall we?
i really wish i could have taken pictures on the inside, it was so weird.

thats a cute looking stair case if you ask me!

random stairs that just go up to the ceiling.

take a trip to the winchester mystery mansion, its quite the experience.

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