sunday's reflections

i know the title of this post is really stupid, its meant to be. im starting a new tradition here at life in the fast lane. every sunday im going to say what made me happy, what made me sad and what i learned in the past week. and so we begin.

the good
-i got a big box of junior mints in chuch
-i bought plane tickets to california
-downloading eric church's new single
-the health fair
-going out to 5-mile and getting muddy
-red mango
-pizza factory with angela
-daddy spoke in church
-going to the gym every night
-realizing my birthday is coming soon
-walking around the U's school of medicine
-getting lost in alpine
-free drinks at harts

the not so good
-sitting through 3 hours of first aid training
-6 hours of communication classes at the U
-no trip to walkers this week
-my room is still a disaster
-i have to go to a stake meeting tonight
-knowing that im going to be missing MATC
-my teenage years are ticking away fast
-ate so much junk food this week

what i learned
-sometimes not studying does pay off
-im not good at playing cards
-sometimes you need to let people go no matter how much it hurts
-that nursing is right for me
-paramedics is not for me
-basic first aid

the good usually out weighs the bad.

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