were not always going to be there to coddle your heart back when it disapears to be working.

you may or may not know, but i have the biggest obsession with the show, the office. actually its probably more than an obsession. i have seasons 1-6 on DVD and i watch them every Sunday with Shannon. i can out-quote you and Ive seen every episode to date. anyways, my favorite episode is when they teach the office how to do CPR. i think this clip is only appropriate because tomorrow ill be training to become CPR certified in my nursing class. so of course, this short clip got brought to my mind. please, please, watch this. its 3 minutes but its hilarious.
the first couple seconds of the video are fuzzy, but at 9 seconds it gets better.

of course, im going to sing the song "stayin alive" when i do my CPR

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