what big eyes you have

Ive woken up the last two saturdays earlier than 11:00. in fact, its been more like seven when i woke up. I'm starting to question my sanity.

also, don't go see red riding hood. it was so lame. except for there was two way hot guys in it (go figure i would bring that up.) they were the only thing that held my attention. it was so cheesy and i found myself laughing at the movie half the time. it was horribly made like twilight, and we all know how that was. so take my advice, don't go see it. get it at redbox and pay $1 instead of $9.

today I'm going to color me mine. i may or may not be going on a date with my best friend Shannon. this will be interesting.

also, there are so many good movies that are coming out. i cant wait. there is one coming out called water for elephants. it has robert pattinson and reese witherspoon in it. don't worry, robert doesn't look like a fartin' fairy sparkle princess in this one (im referring to twilight.) he actually looks pretty dang cute in this new move coming out. I'm way excited for it and guess what else comes out this summer CARS 2!! I'm excited, i love cars.

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