you aint nothin but a hound dog.

remember this post right here?
well good news. today my car stereo was fixed. and guess what? we didnt have to pay a dime. pretty awesome if you ask me. so in honor of my new sound system, i decided it would only be appropriate if i cleaned the car. i went the whole 10 yards. or 9 yards... whatever. i vacuumed it, cleaned the windows, the dash, seats and every thing else in between. except i didnt wash the outside because thats not a good idea since its going to rain. i thought that was a good idea on my part.
moving on.

this guy right here:
i wish Elvis was still alive. i love his music, all of it. his voice just makes me swoon. and his songs make me want to dance. no wonder all the girls fainted when they saw him, hes irresistible. id probably faint too if i ever saw him. he makes my heart melt.

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