answering call lights

i have a confession, i FREAKING love old people. they are the cutest things on this planet. id probably choose an old person over a baby. actually, that's a close call. but really, the old people are just adorable. in the last few days ive spent 16 very up-front and personal hours with the elderly. i went to a place in american fork on wednesday which was probably the nastiest care facility ive ever seen. in fact, me and my class are reporting them to the state because they treated their residents like absolute dirt and they just didn't do anything according to policy. but today i went to a facility in orem which had to be one of the nicest places ive ever seen. nicer than my house. anyway i spent 8 hours changing them, feeding them and just simply talking today. they are so friendly and willing to talk (most of them.) every time i left a room after doing something they would say in their old quite voices "thank you" and every time they asked for my name, they would say "oh my, that is the prettiest name ive ever heard." no doubt it put a smile on my face. today i got to spend a lot of my time with a woman named dixie. she was so hilarious. she wasn't old at all, she was actually only 30. im not allowed to tell you why she is living in long term care, but its not a good reason at all. she is such a trooper. i fed her breakfast and lunch and spent a lot of time in her room changing her and just spending time with her. i learned a ton about her and she seriously has been  through so much. it was amazing to me to see how tough she is and she gave the definition "cowgirl up" a new meaning. she is unbelievable.
after doing our morning rounds, we answered call lights. call lights are basically where if a patient needs something, they press a button and a light above their door goes off letting the nurses know that the patient needs you. well there was just the sweetest little chinese lady. and im not joking you, EVERY five minutes she would press her call light. i was always the one to go answer it. i would walk into her room, she would blow me a kiss, and then i would leave. that's all she wanted. sometimes she wanted to shake my hand, but she was SO adorable. i would blow her a kiss back and then leave for five minutes before her call light came back on. im telling you, living in long term care is NOT easy. but these residents and patients are such troopers. they give me hope that getting old isn't that bad. they may be weak, but ive never seen anyone stronger than they are.

working in orem rehab today was so nice. they won 2010 best of state in the category of health care facilities.
this is the front of my facility, so flippin nice.

you guys have no idea how nice this is for a residents room.

this is a nurses heaven. look how nice the shower rooms are.
it makes the worst part of the day a little more enjoyable.

orem rehab was amazing, but not as amazing as the people living there.


can i get a yeehaw

ive been pondering for a long time. and ive came up with my 15 favorite country songs that make me unbelievably happy.

baby, i go crazy by josh turner
wrapped by george strait
small town southern man by alan jackson
smoke rings in the dark by gary allan
i use what i got by jason aldean
long black train by josh turner
love like crazy by lee brice
gimmie that girl by joe nichols
this old raft by dean brody
i break everything i touch by jason aldean
it aint easy by jason aldean
please remember me by tim mcgraw
im moving on by rascal flatts
she'll leave you with a smile by george strait
without you here by eric church

now i know your probably thinking that thats a long list of favorites. well considering that i have 1,056 country songs on my ipod, i think i narrowed it down nicely. i could never pick a top favorite, but these songs definitely come close.
if any of you country fans out there, (i know there are few) want to listen to some good country, listen to those songs above.

oh baby!

this song gives me butterflies.
josh turner, you have thee sexiest voice alive.


le camion

dear santa, i want this truck. 


clinial experience #1

i dragged myself out of bed at the butt crack of dawn. 5:30 to be exact, and hit the road at 6:20. i arrived to my destination at 6:30 and it could only be one thing. clinicals. on a normal day, i wouldn't even be out of bed yet. but today was no ordinary day, it was the day. the day where all my wildest nightmares would come true. i had to work a shift in a care facility. i was assigned to the LTC floor. everyone can feel sorry for me now. to become a state certified nursing assistant i have to work 16 hours at an actual care facility. today was the first day, and saturday will be my last. i honestly didn't think it would be that hard, i was nervous, but i didn't think it would be hard. boy, was i wrong. its the hardest most time consuming thing ive ever done. i have so much more respect for CNA's after today. they basically do all the dirty work of a care facility, im not kidding. i got to know all 24 of my patients today, like i wanted to. they were all so cute and so friendly (most of them) but i looked at them and tried to picture what they had been through in their life, and what kind of life they have lived. i tried to put myself in their shoes and feel how it would be living in a care facility. i felt bad for some of those people, but for the most part they were just so cute i couldn't handle it. the morning started out waking all of them up from sleep. we had to change them, brush hair & straighten up beds. then we fed them breakfast and took them back to their rooms to lay down. then we started rounds again. then the residents went and did different odd things like physical therapy, games and whatever else was going on. then we did rounds about 7 more times the rest of the day. after breakfast, the real fun began. this is a slice of what i did today.

vital signs including BP & TPR
pressure ulcer prevention
position foley catheter
occupied draw sheet change
empty a down drainage bag
moving & positioning residents
denture care
oral care
dressing & undressing
assisting with bedpans/urinals :)
changing briefs
bed making

ive seen more things today than in my whole 16 years of living. CNA's really have their work cut out for them. i wish i could go into more detail about my patients today and funny stories i have, but that would be illegal. sorry! but all in all, today was a good experience. minus the poop.


i feel like my life is coming to a close

tomorrow. its the big day.

im going to heritage care center for the whole day to take care of people, chart, clean things up and serve to every need of the residents. i seriously could not be more nervous. this is the first time im actually going to be practicing what ive been taught. im going to take vital signs of all the patients and im so scared. what if i dont remember how to do something? what if i mess up? oh gosh, this is the big test. im so scared. but marlece has taught me well and i think ill be able to handle it. but there is always that "what if........."


i wish i had one of these

last night i called up shannon about in tears and told her we were going for a drive. and so we did. i let my anger out and she gave me good advice and my life is back in order. sometimes it can be a cruel world and people are rude and sometimes think as if i don't have feelings, well news flash i have feelings. for the most part. (joke) sometimes all you really need is just someone to listen to you. there is a point where you cant hold in any more emotions and you just have to let them out before you explode. i was at my breaking point last night but i got all my stress out and im much better. and after that we went and saw our friend "creature" who always cheers me right up. a long time ago he used to be my stalker but we've actually became pretty good friends. hes super nice, he might be intimidating at first but he has a good heart. anyway while i was in st george i had a drink called the texas twister. and ive only seen them sold in st george. but they are made with oranges, limes and lemons and who knows what else. it sounds like a strange combination but its the best thing to ever touch my taste buds. when the sun is beating down on you and its 100 degrees outside nothing tastes better than a cold texas twister.

my mouth is watering just a little bit.


can i get an amen

"there's only so many times you can allow someone to let you down before you can't handle the disappointment anymore. when things change, people change and it doesn't mean you forget the past, it simply means you try to move on and treasure the memories. letting go doesn't mean giving up, it means accepting things that weren't meant to be. there's a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone, trying to fix everything, but it's not giving up. you got to do what's right for you even if it hurts. i've come to realize that in the end, everyone turns out to be the person they swore they'd never become."

y'all better stay with me while i get through this.


au revoir 2

cyaaaaa lateeeeeeeeer.
im outta here and on my way to st george.
i feel like ive been going on vacation a lot. oh well, vacation isnt a bad thing.
i really need a vacation right now anyway.
hope your easter is amazing and full of candy.
im gunna go live it up in the sunshine.
and hopefully the easter bunny will visit me!
i wonder what crazy things this weekend has in store for me. my dads side of the family is crazy im tellin ya.


melia 2.0

i want to live a good life.
i want to life a happy, full, amazing life.
these last two years have been emotionally draining for me and ive hit rock bottom mentally. no, im not depressed but i am just so tired of my mundane life. all my emotions have been drained out of my body and there are no tears or grudges left for me to hold. i am numb half the time, tired of being tired. tired of being sad and tired of living in the past. my whole life revolves around my past. why cant i just cant move on? these years have been the toughest, hardest most up-hill battles ive had to face so far in my life. and im sick of it. i want to be happy, i want to be positive and i want to have energy. i want to make friends. i strain my brain and i can still only count all my friends on one hand. im so sick of revolving my life around when my friends arnt with their boyfriends. i want to live for myself, im tired of trying to get my old friends back. im tired of josh. im sick of hearing his name, im so sick of saying it. i just want to be done. i don't want to hear it anymore, that boy is not what defines me. he is not a part of me anymore. he is my past and thats how its going to stay. 
so this is it.
im going to be positive. im going to have energy. im going to try to do as many things as i can with my friends that i do have now, because college is coming soon and i'll probably never see them again. im going to live for myself, and im going to live for others that matter to me. im going to become a nurse, and learn about all my patients that i possibly can. i want to learn about their first love, their war stories, their trials and their children. i want to know their hearts. i want to know people for the great human beings they are. i want to find true love and i want to show my prince charming how much i love him. i am tired of negative. my whole life is negative. im sick of hating my life, and im sick of this stupid old rut in stuck in. im changing it. i want to stop being so shy, i want to be outgoing and talk to strangers. i know its in me, but im too shy. i want to STOP with my grudges and start liking the people i detest. i spend too much time & energy disliking people, so it stops now. i could find something better to waste my energy on. i want to love everyone, and find the good in people. i want to stop with the rude comments and negative words. and its stopping here.
so this is a promise to myself. im going to change for the better.
you know, it only takes 21 days to form a habit. so 21 days of me being happy and then it will be a habit.
this is melia 2.0

ill end in a quote from my best friend angie.
"don't let the past ruin your future. move on from it and live with what you have. don't look back on it and ruin what you have now. because there is a reason the past didn't make it to this point in your life."

just some tips

every other day i have the opportunity to spend three hours with a class full of 18 girls and the best teacher the world has ever seen, marlece anderson. she has got to be one of my biggest heros. she has been a nurse for some 40 odd years now. marlece doesn't actually have to speak for you to learn something, you could just watch her and you would learn something amazing. she is the true definition of practice what you preach. there is no way she would make you do something that she wouldn't do herself. she knows the ins and outs of the medical field and she also knows everything in between. she is the nicest person i know. hands down. we will talk about her later, but for now i highly suggest you listen to marleces wise words because she is one smart lady.

ways to improve relationships

1. say less than you think.
  - if you are talking the whole time you wont be able to listen to the other person.
2. keep your integrity, no matter what.
3. follow the 5:1 ratio. if you say something mean, say 5 nice things.
  - if you think something positive about someone, say it out loud. if you think someones hair looks nice, tell them.
4. be interested in others.
  - take the topic of conversation of yourself and listen to what others have to say.
5. be cheerful.
  - people are naturally drawn to happy people
6. keep an open mind. discuss, don't argue.
7. actions and values speak for themselves.
  - be true to who you say you are.
8. you can only change yourself, you cant change others.
  - make yourself the best person you can be and maybe others will follow your lead. you cant force someone to change, so show them the directions.

y'all should have taken notes.


things that get on my nerves

its no secret, i get annoyed extremely easily. i cant help it, i try my hardest to stay calm but when annoying situations come up i cant help but grit my teeth in frustration. its not like any of my family helped me with this trait. both my dad and my brother get annoyed easily. its usually my mom that can keep her cool the longest. my brother gets annoyed at the slightest things, hes worse than i am. i guess my whole family just gets annoyed really easily. oh well ive learned to live with it. here are some of my pet peeves. but remember, pet peeves and annoyances can be different.

the biggest pet peeve #1 FLAKES
i can absolutely not stand this. if you tell me were going to hang out, i have my heart set that we are going to hang out. it bugs me when people tell me they are going to hang out with me and then come up with a lame excuse 5 minutes before we are supposed to hang out. if you don't want to hang out, just tell me. i don't like getting blown off either. but that makes me more mad than annoyed so lets not go there.

#2 people that cant pronounce my name right
well, its kind of a given that people are going to say my name wrong the first time they see it because its hawaiian and most folks around here don't speak the language. so, im okay with that. it gets old after the 5th time ive met you and they still cant say it right. what makes it even worse is when my friends of years pronounce my name wrong. oh, and the best of all? people pronounce my name with an N in it. there is no N in my name, so why do you throw that random letter in there. my name is Melia not Melina.

#3 people that talk during important things
situation a: when people talk during a movie i about turn around and throw my popcorn at them. i didn't just spend 10 dollars to come listen to your conversation, so knock it off.
situation b: when people talk while the teacher is talking or giving a lesson. i have a short attention span and you chit chatting right behind my ear sure doesn't help that. i honestly can not concentrate when other people are talking while im trying to listen to the teacher. this is an especially big problem in my CNA class. i have these 4 girls that sit right behind me and talk the ENTIRE three hours of class about who knows what. not only do i tell them to shut up, the teacher tells them to shut up too and they still don't stop. id probably learn so much more about nursing if i didn't have a constant giggle behind my head. its so freaking annoying.

#4 well that's it for now because ill become annoyed just by thinking about it. other pet peeves of mine include: when the toilet paper roll is the wrong way, cars that don't turn their blinkers before they turn, shopping carts that squeak as you push them, cross-contamination, when my ipod dies, when my cat scratches the couch and it makes a horrible noice and ruins the the couch...... okay im done.

what are your pet peeves?


i love me some mallows

im blasting country music, just thought you should all know. that has nothing to do with this post. most people give me a hard time about liking nascar, and ive become used to it. im not afraid to stand up for something i like even it if means being ridiculed. even though i have to give you guys props because sometimes you come up with really hilarious jokes about nascar. as many of you know nascar rules make all the drivers drive to the left, resulting in nothing but left-hand turns. today someone said "what would happen if nascar drivers had to go right?" and another kid piped up and said "OH NO THEY WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!" i laughed for a good 5 minutes.  that had nothing to do with this post either. the point of this post has to do with one of my favorite foods, s'mores. lets just cut the crap and get to the point. s'mores are delicious. so delicious. my favorite and most important food group in the food pyramid. they are the reason why i camp, go to campfires & gain 5 pounds to my hips each summer. i could eat enough s'mores to fill 8 people, approximately. at girls camp last summer, i probably ended up using half the bag of marshmellows for my delicious dessert. now, eating 100 s'mores in one night can get mundane, so i like to switch it up a little bit. instead of using hershey chocolate bars, i use nutella. nutella is just as delicious by itself as it is on s'mores. eating it is just like slabbing pure fat on my butt, but its so worth it. if you havent tried nutella, i command you to try it. so try it sometime, put nutella on your s'mores and you'll be in heaven. if you ever need help roasting that perfectly golden brown, fluffy, warm marshmellow, im your girl. i won the gold medal in marshmellow roasting, didn't you know? i don't particularly like my mallows golden brown but i can do it for you. i prefer my marshmellows burnt to a crisp. i hold my mallow right in the flame until it spontaneously combusts and then i blow out the explosion. so freaking good. alright well im gonna go make me a s'more in the microwave, its not the same as a fire but still unbelievably good.

yes, id like smore please!
that was the stupidest thing ive ever said.

s'mores gone wrong.


calling all hot men

oh goodness gracious, there were so many hot guys at the gym tonight. more than usual. that's probably the only reason why i go to the gym, for the hot guys. JUST KIDDING! i really go to get a hot body. but ya know, the guys are just something to look at so i don't get bored. ive obviously been single far too long. not like a boy is everything, but it would be nice. ive had a lot of time to think about what i do and don't want in a future boyfriend/husband. ive learned from mistakes and im not going to make them again. so, im going to give you my list. yes, it will sound picky but its my DREAM list. not saying the man i marry has to be exactly like this. this list is just my prince charming ideal dream man.

dark short hair
big muscles/ broad shoulders. (i don't want a guy who's legs are skinnier than my own)
facial hair. not talking a beard, more like a gottee.
drives a dodge truck. nothing sexier than that!
HAS to be gut busting hilarious
must be motivated
knows how to clean & cook some.
works on cars
must be smart and can hold a conversation
hunts (every once in a while, i don't want him gone every weekend)
great sense of adventure
loves to try new things
great with kids
respectful to me and everyone i know
will protect me
must be a gentleman
member of my church
he also must be a sweetheart and compliment me often.
looks great in a cowboy had and wranglers.
loves the outdoors & country music
if they like nascar that would be a plus.
cant be a lazy bum!
someone who does not change their mind every 5 minutes
someone who will dance with me in the kitchen
someone who wouldn't mind watching chick flicks with me
someone who loves adventures.
no tattoos, those are ugly.

there is my list. i may be picky, but i know what i want. now i know ill probably never find a guy that fits that list exactly but that's just my dream guy right there. and no, i don't need to date a full blown cowboy, but a hick or an outdoorsman would be right up my alley.


sorry about my lack of good posts. i always have such great ideas that pop into my head through out the day and im always so excited to talk about them. and then i get to blogger and everything i was going to type just goes right out the window. so im trying to work on my remembering skills, they arnt so great.


im a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics

i am obsessed with the movie cars. not only is it so funny, its based off guess what? oh yeah, nascar. but really, ive seen that movie so many times i cant even stand it. i bet you guys didn't know that parts in the movie cars are actually taken from real nascar. FIRST OFF, the movie was dale juniors idea. SECOND, one of the announcers in the movie is named "darrel cartrip" well in real life, the nascar announcer is named darrel waltrip. oh good one pixar. THIRD, in the movie there is that blue car they call "the king" well his number is 43 in the movie. well in real life there is a driver whose number is 43, and yeah, his nick name is the king. oh you got me again, pixar! FORTH, after the scene when lightening mcqueen is found in radiator springs and its all over the news, they show a red car with the number 8 on the side saying how happy he is that mcqueen was found. well take a guess again.... oh your right, dale junior used to drive the red 8 car. pixar, your good at this stuff!
you better bet your bottom im going to see cars 2 the day it comes out.
i own a cars blanket, and a watch, and im going to get a shirt. and im eating cars cheez-its right now. (thats what inspired this post)
thats dale jr right there

richard pettys number, nick named the king.

my boy mcqueen!

lets go racin at talladega boys

"no that wasnt an earthquake, that was just juniors fans cheering."
i have a fat crush on dale earnhardt junior. when he takes the lead, you will know. not only can you hear the fans cheering so loud, the announcers cant shut up about it. junior hasn't won a race in the last 101 races. oh boy, is today looking like that streak is finally going to end. if dale junior wins the race today, i will cry. i love nascar. i hope everyone knows that.

while we were in california, the car we were driving decided to explode and die. we had to leave our car in california and fly home. yesterday we went shopping for cars ALL DAY! we went to about 4 different places and we finally found the right one. we were at the car dealership for what seamed like 8 hours signing thousands of papers. well it wasn't really 8, but we were definitely there for a good 4 hours. i was going to rip my hair out i was so unbearably bored. while i was sitting doing absolutely nothing, i got a text saying "are you watching the race?" and my heart dropped. i thought that i had missed talladega (talladega is my favorite race.) i stomped out of that stupid car dealership place and tears started to form in my eyes. i couldnt believe i had missed talladega. in a panic, i called my go-to nascar guy, josh. the first thing i said is "did i miss talladega" and he said "no, today is nationwide race, you know better than that" OH DUH! why wasn't i thinking. i knew that they don't have sprint cup races on Saturdays. i almost started crying again because i was so relieved i didn't miss it. then we continued to chit-chat about nascar and cement and cool stuff like that. but anyway, point of this story is i didn't end up crying because i didnt really miss the race.

and that folks, is how much i truly love nascar. it brings tears to my eyes.


baby, youve been driving me crazy

well as many of you know, i am a country girl. me being a country girl, of course i listen to country music. there is just no way around it. country is the best there is and it takes up 99% of my ipod. but alas, today my friend patrick introduced me to an artist named sam adams. my boy sammy is a rap artist. he is better than that idiot eminem. he is the best white rapper i've ever heard. i want everyone to know that i hate rap. actually, i loath it. it sounds like dying animals. i feel like rap artists are so un-talented because all they sing about is hot girls with big butts getting down on the dance floor and drugs and sex. well sam adams still doesn't sing about anything important but i just love him. its a kind of rap that ive never heard before and i like it. ya'll better mark this day in your journals because this may be the only day this country girl ever listens to rap.
and plus, sam adams is pretty hot.
listen to my favorite song right here.


atta girl

i love when a boy says "atta girl!" or "that's my girl" to me. i just think its so cute. i don't know why but when a guy says that it just makes me smile. especially if they are cute! does anyone else feel the same way? i really just love it. it makes me feel super special and its just cute. ill share with you two stories of this happening. except neither of my stories are used in a very cute way, they are used in a funny way.

 it was the dark of the moon on the sixth of june in a kenworth pulling logs... just kidding it really wasn't. it was a nice summer night. me and Angie were sitting in the cab of Josh's truck just cruising the town. we were on some random road, that road that goes past water gardens theater. i think its called state street or something like that. anyway, josh was working the pedals and i was working the wheel. (very illegal i know) i was hardly paying attention, i was just easily controlling the steering of the truck. well apparently Josh had seen a raccoon coming out of the bushes and the raccoon started to cross the road. you can all see where this is going. i had no idea there was a raccoon in the road. Josh pressed the gas pedal to the floor to speed up. i wasn't paying attention and i didn't swerve out of the way. i hit the raccoon with my back left tire. i started freaking out, almost started crying actually. Josh flipped the truck around to see the damage i had done. there lied a little helpless raccoon in the middle of the road. i seriously had tears forming in my eyes and that's when Josh put his arm around me and yelled "ATTA GIRL!" i had never felt so guilty in my entire life. Josh thought it was the greatest thing ever, like i had just shot my first buck. i was seriously sad, but when Josh yelled atta girl it made me laugh.

this next story also took place in Josh's truck and its one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Me, Josh, Angie and Shawn were out driving around when we spotted one of our good friends on the side of the road. we pulled the truck over and parked. Josh and Shawn got out of the truck to go talk to the friend on the sidewalk. me and Angie decided to stay in the truck. anyway, i really had to fart. that's not very lady-like but hey, everyone does it. i just couldn't hold it. i figured that Josh and Shawn were outside so they would never know and no harm would be done. so i hurry and let one rip, it was bigger than i thought. me and Angie rolled down the windows almost dying. right as we rolled the windows down, shawn and josh started to walk back to the truck. ah great, perfect timing. well apparently it wasn't enough time to clear the air because when Josh opened the door he gave me this weird look and started laughing and said "WHOA! ATTA GIRL!" i had never been so embarrassed in my life. and of course Shawn made a huge deal of it like it was the end of the world. Josh just stood there and laughed for ages. i wish i had a rock to hide under then.

this next one is actually used in a cute way.
i texted my friend to tell him that i got 100% on my nursing midterms and he texted back saying "thats my girl!"


hence my blog name

i love my boy dale.
hes kicking trash this season.

my best buddie

last night was a strange one. actually it wasn't that strange because i  went out to dinner with my family and that was pretty normal. but what i mean is that my dreams last night were really strange. i had two dreams that i can remember. the first one was the civil war was taking place in my front yard. that was weird. i woke up and i thought "did i seriously just dream that." i fell back asleep and that's when my second dream started. last semester i was a peer tutor as many of you know. i worked with the special need kids and i loved every second of it. i had one buddie in particular, his name is jordan. jordan can't control his muscles nor can he walk but he is the sweetest person alive.

 anyway i don't really know how my dream started but somehow me and jordan were together and we were at a theater or something like that. i was watching a play with jordan and i turned around and jordan stood up out of his wheelchair and started walking towards me. he was really struggling to walk because it was the first time he had ever walked in his life. but jordan over-came his trial and he walked towards me with all the strength in his body. i stood up and i ran up to him with tears in my eyes telling him how proud i was of him and letting him lean on my shoulder as he got tired. i remember the huge smile on his face, it was so vivid in my dream. it was so perfect. i remember how i kept saying over and over again how proud i was of him.

then i woke up. i wasn't so sure what to make of that dream. jordan will probably never walk, and i will probably never see him again after graduation. but i know without a doubt that jordan is going to accomplish great things. it doesn't matter what he does in his life because i am going to be proud of him no matter what. that boy proved to me that no matter how hard life is, you can find good in everything. you don't need working legs or muscles to be happy. you don't need material things to be happy. he taught be that friends and family are what you need most. you can be confined to a wheelchair and still live a full happy life. he taught me that disabilities DO NOT define you. whatever jordan does in his life and wherever he goes, i will always be proud of him.
he truly is my hero.


toes in the water....

i went to the beach today. it was nice.
after the beach i went to this place. (like always)
i do not want to come home to snow and wind.

heres the story,

i have been alive on this earth for quite a few years now and over these years ive acquired many nick names.
miss california
mels bells
and many more that i cant think of. but my most infamous nick name is melia tortilla. and ive had that nick name since a wee little child. i'll tell you how i got this name. one day, my dad was eating a quesadilla. this is my first recollection of me ever seeing one of those things. well i was amazed and i asked my dad for a bite of his quesadilla and apparently i fell in love. every day after that i had a quesadilla. for a whole year i watched the princess bride while i ate a quesadilla. actually probably not every day because i would have weighed 400 pounds by now.. but close enough. i even had my own special way to make a quesadilla. just the way i liked it. ive since grown out of my quesidilla addiction but the nickname has forever lived on. melia tortilla. and to make things better, my nick name was so well known that families in my neighborhood actually started calling their quesadillas by melia tortillas. so not only is it my nickname, they also named the food after me. how cute.
now that i look back at it, the way i made that quesadilla was disgusting. but hey it made me happy at the time.

melia tortilla recipe

step one.
get the perfect tortilla. DO NOT use corn tortillas because they make me throw up. flour tortillas will do.

step two.
gather your cheese. now, at the time i was 5 and too young to use a cheese grater so i used the pre-packaged square american cheese. you can use whatever cheese you want but if you want a true melia tortilla it must be "square cheese" as i would call it. (kraft is the best brand)

step three. 
get a plate. duh, where else are you gunna put this thing?

step four.
assemble your quesadilla. lay the (flour) tortilla on the plate. take the square cheese and fold it in half, thus making two pieces of cheese. lay the two pieces of cheese (which were previously one piece of cheese) down the center of the tortilla.

step five.
cook. cook at a temperature of 30 seconds in the microwave. PSH, who needs a stove! make the microwave do the work! but for only 30 seconds. no more, no less.

step six.
take the masterpiece out of the microwave. caution, may be hot. grab the tortilla on opposite sides and fold into the center like a burrito. does that make sense? lets go back to kindergarten, and fold this baby into thirds.

step seven.
bon appetit! enjoy your melia tortilla, prepared melia style.


scranton branch

i have a crush, a fat one. on the office.
i have seen every episode to date and i have seen every episode from season 1-6 at least three times each. this is the result of watching the office every day with shannon last summer. i have a deep unconditional love for the office and every character in it. except if i had to get rid of one it would be kelly roginagonda capore. she is so freaking annoying. second to go would be ryan howard. the two most annoying people in the office. but thats just me rambling... i have been converted to the awkward ways of the office and my favorite saying is "thats what she said" i say it at least once a day if not more. anyway i thought id share some of my favorite office quotes. this could get lengthy.

Toby is in HR, which technically means he works for corporate, so he's really not a part of our family. Also, he's divorced, so he's really not a part of his family. - michael.

Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I donno, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me-- no, don't sue me. That is opposite the point I'm trying to make. - michael

Welcome to the Hotel Hell. Check-in time in now, check-out time is never. - dwight

 i don't care what Jim says. That, is not the real Ben Franklin. I am 99% sure. - dwight

Pama-lama-ding-dong. Listen, you're cute. There's no getting around it. So, I don't know if you like country music, but I was thinking maybe one of these days we could drive out to a field, crank up some tunes, smoke a few macanudos, maybe even toss a disc around. Utway ooday ooyay inkthay, Ampay? - andy

phyllis: I'm a Lutheran and Bob is a Unitarian. It keeps things spicy.
angela: That's why we're cursed.

Jim's gone on his honeymoon. So I started borrowing his office, to fart in. - kevin

We had so many smores I finally had to say, 'no more smores! No more smores!' - toby


toby: Hey, I need to talk to you
michael: Not now. Not ever.

im sorry ill shut up now. i just had to share.


whine whine whine

the day i get to 20 followers is the day i will cry tears of joy.
i wish funner was a word because i use it every day.
i really wish it was warm enough so i could go to the beach.
why is it that every boy my age is so immature?
why do some girls just drive me over the edge?

enough of that!
i go to california about 4 or 5 times a year. every single time i have had my brother right by my side. not once in my entire life have i ever been to california without my brother. except for this week, my brother is not here. this is the first time EVER that my brother has not been in california with me and i find it very strange and off-putting. i just feel like something is missing all the time. oh, because something is. my brother is missing. today i almost said "palmer, are you coming in the pool?" but i stopped myself because alas, my brother isn't here. its weird having palmer gone and i have to keep telling myself that what he is doing is a good thing. but most days i miss him. and when im in california with no sibling it makes me miss him more. you know they always say you dont know what you've got until its gone. and i find that statement to be more true every day. seriously, california is quiet without palmer here and it makes me sad. im almost not excited to go to disneyland this summer because i've never been there without my brother either. my ride buddy is gone.

ah, how it is to be an only child.
and no, my  brother is not dead. he is on a mission for those of you who didnt know that.


holy moley batman

"what does it mean when your going through oil like none other and the exhaust left on the back of the car is black?"

"your burning oil, is  there any visible smoke coming out of the exhaust?"

i am thankful for friends that know what they are doing when it comes to vehicles. they are like my own personal car garage. i just ask them, and they know.
i made it to san diego! not without 15 quarts of oil though.
now, im going to party it up in the pool.


au revoir

je suis alle au california.
ill be back... in a week or so.
you have no idea how much i needed this break.


sometimes i like to read

the hunger games has finally came out with there cast for the movie and i couldn't be more pleased with who they chose for peeta. peeta is my favorite character and if they messed up his movie roll.... i was going to be pissed. but they chose the right guy who fit my imagination just perfectly.

DRUM ROLL........


perfect peeta right there.
if you havent read the hunger games series, i highly suggest it.


what a beautiful thing

I've only personally known one of my grandpas growing up. my grandpa clegg. grandpa clegg is such an example to me. he is such a hard worker and such an amazing husband to my fragile grandma clegg. even as old as my grandpa is, he is always out tending to his land & taking after my grandma. but this post isn't about grandpa clegg. this is about my grandpa palmer.
I've never met my grandpa palmer, because he passed away before i was born. he passed away when my mom was a teenager, which i will always look up to my mom for going through something i could never imagine. this last trip to california, i went to my grandpas grave. my mom says Ive been there once before but i was to little to remember. as i walked up to his grave, i distinctly remember the feeling i got that i would be seeing my grandpa in the next life and the warm feeling of peace. his grave looks over the most beautiful place Ive seen, the ocean. he loved the outdoors, just like me and my mom. Ive heard so many great stories about my grandpa and i cant wait to meet him. i know me and him will get along great, it seems like we are into the same kinds of things. i cant wait to talk to him and find out everything we really do have in common. im positive he will be the grandpa that ive always thought he would have been. i know he loves me and i know he watches over me. he is happy when i am happy, and he is sad when im sad. somedays i feel bad that hes not here, but then i think of where he is now and i dont feel bad anymore.
 Ive never met my grandpa palmer, and i sure do miss him but i know hes needed in heaven.
there is no doubt in my mind, that my grandpa is an angel that plays a very, very big part in my life.

and yes, my brother palmer is named after him.

makes me smile

i really love the outdoors. you all probably know that i am a huge outdoors girl. nothing is better than being outside with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. nature is so relaxing, or at least i think it is. i definitely got it from my momma. she is she an environmentalist. which is funny because I'm the exact opposite. but we both love the outdoors. it doesn't matter what kind of outdoors it is. maybe its the beach, the mountains, the red rock of moab, the hills above my house or maybe even your backyard. i honestly think the outdoors are therapeutic. i only like spring for one reason, i can finally start to walk around my mountains again. being that i basically live on the mountain, i have a one minute walk and im in my own universe. the mountains are like a whole different place for me. there is no noise, except for that which you create yourself and the animals up there and sometimes the sound of you and your friends laughing. there are no cars, or stores or people. just silence. spring is such a great time to get up and walk around and see all of the life start so sprout out of the dead ground. i like to think that my life is like that. i was a dead plant through winter and once the sun comes out, so do i. i really do hide in a shell during winter because i feel so depressed from that horrible cold. but summer is just my thing. i have answered some of life's greatest questions by sitting by myself in the mountains or the hills. sometimes Ive been accompanied by a great friend, like Josh or Angie where we talk about everything under the stars. isn't it ironic that i actually met josh up in the mountains for the first time? life is so beautiful and i think the mountains are the perfect place to just sit down and ponder with no distractions. the clean fresh air is a good place to clear your mind. try it sometime.
this is me and angie out for a nice sunday afternoon chat.
this is also my favorite place to sit and think.
the hot sun radiates off the cement.



y'all should come to  the morning side tomorrow, you know i'll be there.

i am thankful for cowboys.
i am thankful that 95% of my friends are cowboys.
im glad im a hick.
im glad i like the outdoors.
im glad cowboys are hot.

cowboys are so much more fun than other boys. most guys are like "lets watch a movie on my couch and after we can make cookies" or we always sit around trying to figure out what to do.

with cowboys, your never bored and your never wondering what to do next. its always something like "lets go pull this guys truck out of the lake" or "lets go rope some fire hydrants than go up the canyon for a fire" or "lets go off roading and get muddy"

that sounds more fun to me than the first option.
i love cowboys.
thank goodness I'm friends with some. they are so adventurous and they keep me on my toes.


to the main man,

Dear Walt Disney,
thank you for having an imagination. thank you for being creative and thank you for following your dreams. thank you for moving forward and trying something new and un-charted. thank you for never giving up and always doing your best. you have undoubtedly created my most favorite place in the whole world. thank you for creating Disney, mickey mouse & Disneyland. it is the best thing to ever happen to me. all because you followed your dreams me and my family have had well over fifty amazing times at Disneyland. because you sacrificed your time, i now have memories with my family forever. because you followed your dreams, this girl right here has her fairytale home. i never would have walked down main street, or stood in long lines, nor would i have ridden on pirates of the carribean without your perseverance. i am grateful for you because without you i never would have had those fun family vacations or thrilling ride adventures. you truly created the happiest place on earth and i am forever grateful for you. i can not wait to bring my own family to Disneyland with me in the future. you never knew me nor did you ever know that i would walk through your theme park, but if you did know me, i would give you a big fat hug.

love your biggest fan,

really guys, what would the world be without Disneyland?
it really is my happiest place on earth.


oh my crap.
i missed my 200th blog post and im pretty disapointed. i had a big thing planned but its now the 206th post and i cant do that.

i have a quote of the day.
"None of us knows what the future holds, but we know who holds it"

also, i got 100% on my nursing midterms. im going to brag about it.


your my sugar plum...

i probably look homeless right now.
ive got a pink cabelas hoodie on (of course)
pleasant grove P.E. gym shorts on
two different color socks
and my hair is in a bun

so hot.

usually i don't really have an idea what im going to blog about i just get on blogger and start to type and see what i can come up with. but sometimes i do have a good idea in my head about what to blog about. but this time i most certainly do not have any idea what to blog about so im just here exercising my fingers. spring break is coming up if you didn't know. on Friday actually. on Friday im going to California. its going to be quite fun. some of you probably just said "well  Melia didn't you just go to California?" well yes, yes i did. last week in fact. but you can never have too much of a good thing. or can you? no. not too much of California. im going to be at the beach the whole time. hopefully ill come back a shade darker, but i highly doubt that with my temperamental skin complexion that i have.

it really bugs me when couples call each other by booboo, pumpkin, pookie, sugarbear, cuddlebug, snookums, sprinkles, fartin' fairy princess and what not. it reminds me of a grandma pinching her grandchildrens cheeks. so cute.

i obviously haven't gotten enough sleep.


is this a dumb post? probably.

costa vida and del taco in one day? i almost cant handle it.
klin on a bullet bike? so nice.
watching 127 hours? so intense.
restricted calls? so sick of them.
mardi thomas won spirit? i knew she would.
studying for mid-terms? absolutley not.
nate church for president? heck yes!
living with my aunt this summer in cali? you know it.
going to walkers and walmart twice today? too much.
hiking to the water tank in the sun? so worth it.
is it really one in the morning? it sure is.
visiting willy? DUH! (its his birthday today)
too much laughing tonight? the best way to spend friday.
is this post getting reall annoying? yes it is.

my friday was a good one.