answering call lights

i have a confession, i FREAKING love old people. they are the cutest things on this planet. id probably choose an old person over a baby. actually, that's a close call. but really, the old people are just adorable. in the last few days ive spent 16 very up-front and personal hours with the elderly. i went to a place in american fork on wednesday which was probably the nastiest care facility ive ever seen. in fact, me and my class are reporting them to the state because they treated their residents like absolute dirt and they just didn't do anything according to policy. but today i went to a facility in orem which had to be one of the nicest places ive ever seen. nicer than my house. anyway i spent 8 hours changing them, feeding them and just simply talking today. they are so friendly and willing to talk (most of them.) every time i left a room after doing something they would say in their old quite voices "thank you" and every time they asked for my name, they would say "oh my, that is the prettiest name ive ever heard." no doubt it put a smile on my face. today i got to spend a lot of my time with a woman named dixie. she was so hilarious. she wasn't old at all, she was actually only 30. im not allowed to tell you why she is living in long term care, but its not a good reason at all. she is such a trooper. i fed her breakfast and lunch and spent a lot of time in her room changing her and just spending time with her. i learned a ton about her and she seriously has been  through so much. it was amazing to me to see how tough she is and she gave the definition "cowgirl up" a new meaning. she is unbelievable.
after doing our morning rounds, we answered call lights. call lights are basically where if a patient needs something, they press a button and a light above their door goes off letting the nurses know that the patient needs you. well there was just the sweetest little chinese lady. and im not joking you, EVERY five minutes she would press her call light. i was always the one to go answer it. i would walk into her room, she would blow me a kiss, and then i would leave. that's all she wanted. sometimes she wanted to shake my hand, but she was SO adorable. i would blow her a kiss back and then leave for five minutes before her call light came back on. im telling you, living in long term care is NOT easy. but these residents and patients are such troopers. they give me hope that getting old isn't that bad. they may be weak, but ive never seen anyone stronger than they are.

working in orem rehab today was so nice. they won 2010 best of state in the category of health care facilities.
this is the front of my facility, so flippin nice.

you guys have no idea how nice this is for a residents room.

this is a nurses heaven. look how nice the shower rooms are.
it makes the worst part of the day a little more enjoyable.

orem rehab was amazing, but not as amazing as the people living there.

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