atta girl

i love when a boy says "atta girl!" or "that's my girl" to me. i just think its so cute. i don't know why but when a guy says that it just makes me smile. especially if they are cute! does anyone else feel the same way? i really just love it. it makes me feel super special and its just cute. ill share with you two stories of this happening. except neither of my stories are used in a very cute way, they are used in a funny way.

 it was the dark of the moon on the sixth of june in a kenworth pulling logs... just kidding it really wasn't. it was a nice summer night. me and Angie were sitting in the cab of Josh's truck just cruising the town. we were on some random road, that road that goes past water gardens theater. i think its called state street or something like that. anyway, josh was working the pedals and i was working the wheel. (very illegal i know) i was hardly paying attention, i was just easily controlling the steering of the truck. well apparently Josh had seen a raccoon coming out of the bushes and the raccoon started to cross the road. you can all see where this is going. i had no idea there was a raccoon in the road. Josh pressed the gas pedal to the floor to speed up. i wasn't paying attention and i didn't swerve out of the way. i hit the raccoon with my back left tire. i started freaking out, almost started crying actually. Josh flipped the truck around to see the damage i had done. there lied a little helpless raccoon in the middle of the road. i seriously had tears forming in my eyes and that's when Josh put his arm around me and yelled "ATTA GIRL!" i had never felt so guilty in my entire life. Josh thought it was the greatest thing ever, like i had just shot my first buck. i was seriously sad, but when Josh yelled atta girl it made me laugh.

this next story also took place in Josh's truck and its one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Me, Josh, Angie and Shawn were out driving around when we spotted one of our good friends on the side of the road. we pulled the truck over and parked. Josh and Shawn got out of the truck to go talk to the friend on the sidewalk. me and Angie decided to stay in the truck. anyway, i really had to fart. that's not very lady-like but hey, everyone does it. i just couldn't hold it. i figured that Josh and Shawn were outside so they would never know and no harm would be done. so i hurry and let one rip, it was bigger than i thought. me and Angie rolled down the windows almost dying. right as we rolled the windows down, shawn and josh started to walk back to the truck. ah great, perfect timing. well apparently it wasn't enough time to clear the air because when Josh opened the door he gave me this weird look and started laughing and said "WHOA! ATTA GIRL!" i had never been so embarrassed in my life. and of course Shawn made a huge deal of it like it was the end of the world. Josh just stood there and laughed for ages. i wish i had a rock to hide under then.

this next one is actually used in a cute way.
i texted my friend to tell him that i got 100% on my nursing midterms and he texted back saying "thats my girl!"


blondie7820 said...

haha oh boy good memories (:

melia said...

i know i miss all of it