baby, youve been driving me crazy

well as many of you know, i am a country girl. me being a country girl, of course i listen to country music. there is just no way around it. country is the best there is and it takes up 99% of my ipod. but alas, today my friend patrick introduced me to an artist named sam adams. my boy sammy is a rap artist. he is better than that idiot eminem. he is the best white rapper i've ever heard. i want everyone to know that i hate rap. actually, i loath it. it sounds like dying animals. i feel like rap artists are so un-talented because all they sing about is hot girls with big butts getting down on the dance floor and drugs and sex. well sam adams still doesn't sing about anything important but i just love him. its a kind of rap that ive never heard before and i like it. ya'll better mark this day in your journals because this may be the only day this country girl ever listens to rap.
and plus, sam adams is pretty hot.
listen to my favorite song right here.


caihay said...

oh. my. he is a BABE. i think i just peed.

melia said...

freaking hottie huh! i dream about him