calling all hot men

oh goodness gracious, there were so many hot guys at the gym tonight. more than usual. that's probably the only reason why i go to the gym, for the hot guys. JUST KIDDING! i really go to get a hot body. but ya know, the guys are just something to look at so i don't get bored. ive obviously been single far too long. not like a boy is everything, but it would be nice. ive had a lot of time to think about what i do and don't want in a future boyfriend/husband. ive learned from mistakes and im not going to make them again. so, im going to give you my list. yes, it will sound picky but its my DREAM list. not saying the man i marry has to be exactly like this. this list is just my prince charming ideal dream man.

dark short hair
big muscles/ broad shoulders. (i don't want a guy who's legs are skinnier than my own)
facial hair. not talking a beard, more like a gottee.
drives a dodge truck. nothing sexier than that!
HAS to be gut busting hilarious
must be motivated
knows how to clean & cook some.
works on cars
must be smart and can hold a conversation
hunts (every once in a while, i don't want him gone every weekend)
great sense of adventure
loves to try new things
great with kids
respectful to me and everyone i know
will protect me
must be a gentleman
member of my church
he also must be a sweetheart and compliment me often.
looks great in a cowboy had and wranglers.
loves the outdoors & country music
if they like nascar that would be a plus.
cant be a lazy bum!
someone who does not change their mind every 5 minutes
someone who will dance with me in the kitchen
someone who wouldn't mind watching chick flicks with me
someone who loves adventures.
no tattoos, those are ugly.

there is my list. i may be picky, but i know what i want. now i know ill probably never find a guy that fits that list exactly but that's just my dream guy right there. and no, i don't need to date a full blown cowboy, but a hick or an outdoorsman would be right up my alley.

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