clinial experience #1

i dragged myself out of bed at the butt crack of dawn. 5:30 to be exact, and hit the road at 6:20. i arrived to my destination at 6:30 and it could only be one thing. clinicals. on a normal day, i wouldn't even be out of bed yet. but today was no ordinary day, it was the day. the day where all my wildest nightmares would come true. i had to work a shift in a care facility. i was assigned to the LTC floor. everyone can feel sorry for me now. to become a state certified nursing assistant i have to work 16 hours at an actual care facility. today was the first day, and saturday will be my last. i honestly didn't think it would be that hard, i was nervous, but i didn't think it would be hard. boy, was i wrong. its the hardest most time consuming thing ive ever done. i have so much more respect for CNA's after today. they basically do all the dirty work of a care facility, im not kidding. i got to know all 24 of my patients today, like i wanted to. they were all so cute and so friendly (most of them) but i looked at them and tried to picture what they had been through in their life, and what kind of life they have lived. i tried to put myself in their shoes and feel how it would be living in a care facility. i felt bad for some of those people, but for the most part they were just so cute i couldn't handle it. the morning started out waking all of them up from sleep. we had to change them, brush hair & straighten up beds. then we fed them breakfast and took them back to their rooms to lay down. then we started rounds again. then the residents went and did different odd things like physical therapy, games and whatever else was going on. then we did rounds about 7 more times the rest of the day. after breakfast, the real fun began. this is a slice of what i did today.

vital signs including BP & TPR
pressure ulcer prevention
position foley catheter
occupied draw sheet change
empty a down drainage bag
moving & positioning residents
denture care
oral care
dressing & undressing
assisting with bedpans/urinals :)
changing briefs
bed making

ive seen more things today than in my whole 16 years of living. CNA's really have their work cut out for them. i wish i could go into more detail about my patients today and funny stories i have, but that would be illegal. sorry! but all in all, today was a good experience. minus the poop.

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