heres the story,

i have been alive on this earth for quite a few years now and over these years ive acquired many nick names.
miss california
mels bells
and many more that i cant think of. but my most infamous nick name is melia tortilla. and ive had that nick name since a wee little child. i'll tell you how i got this name. one day, my dad was eating a quesadilla. this is my first recollection of me ever seeing one of those things. well i was amazed and i asked my dad for a bite of his quesadilla and apparently i fell in love. every day after that i had a quesadilla. for a whole year i watched the princess bride while i ate a quesadilla. actually probably not every day because i would have weighed 400 pounds by now.. but close enough. i even had my own special way to make a quesadilla. just the way i liked it. ive since grown out of my quesidilla addiction but the nickname has forever lived on. melia tortilla. and to make things better, my nick name was so well known that families in my neighborhood actually started calling their quesadillas by melia tortillas. so not only is it my nickname, they also named the food after me. how cute.
now that i look back at it, the way i made that quesadilla was disgusting. but hey it made me happy at the time.

melia tortilla recipe

step one.
get the perfect tortilla. DO NOT use corn tortillas because they make me throw up. flour tortillas will do.

step two.
gather your cheese. now, at the time i was 5 and too young to use a cheese grater so i used the pre-packaged square american cheese. you can use whatever cheese you want but if you want a true melia tortilla it must be "square cheese" as i would call it. (kraft is the best brand)

step three. 
get a plate. duh, where else are you gunna put this thing?

step four.
assemble your quesadilla. lay the (flour) tortilla on the plate. take the square cheese and fold it in half, thus making two pieces of cheese. lay the two pieces of cheese (which were previously one piece of cheese) down the center of the tortilla.

step five.
cook. cook at a temperature of 30 seconds in the microwave. PSH, who needs a stove! make the microwave do the work! but for only 30 seconds. no more, no less.

step six.
take the masterpiece out of the microwave. caution, may be hot. grab the tortilla on opposite sides and fold into the center like a burrito. does that make sense? lets go back to kindergarten, and fold this baby into thirds.

step seven.
bon appetit! enjoy your melia tortilla, prepared melia style.

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