i love me some mallows

im blasting country music, just thought you should all know. that has nothing to do with this post. most people give me a hard time about liking nascar, and ive become used to it. im not afraid to stand up for something i like even it if means being ridiculed. even though i have to give you guys props because sometimes you come up with really hilarious jokes about nascar. as many of you know nascar rules make all the drivers drive to the left, resulting in nothing but left-hand turns. today someone said "what would happen if nascar drivers had to go right?" and another kid piped up and said "OH NO THEY WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!" i laughed for a good 5 minutes.  that had nothing to do with this post either. the point of this post has to do with one of my favorite foods, s'mores. lets just cut the crap and get to the point. s'mores are delicious. so delicious. my favorite and most important food group in the food pyramid. they are the reason why i camp, go to campfires & gain 5 pounds to my hips each summer. i could eat enough s'mores to fill 8 people, approximately. at girls camp last summer, i probably ended up using half the bag of marshmellows for my delicious dessert. now, eating 100 s'mores in one night can get mundane, so i like to switch it up a little bit. instead of using hershey chocolate bars, i use nutella. nutella is just as delicious by itself as it is on s'mores. eating it is just like slabbing pure fat on my butt, but its so worth it. if you havent tried nutella, i command you to try it. so try it sometime, put nutella on your s'mores and you'll be in heaven. if you ever need help roasting that perfectly golden brown, fluffy, warm marshmellow, im your girl. i won the gold medal in marshmellow roasting, didn't you know? i don't particularly like my mallows golden brown but i can do it for you. i prefer my marshmellows burnt to a crisp. i hold my mallow right in the flame until it spontaneously combusts and then i blow out the explosion. so freaking good. alright well im gonna go make me a s'more in the microwave, its not the same as a fire but still unbelievably good.

yes, id like smore please!
that was the stupidest thing ive ever said.

s'mores gone wrong.

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