i wish i had one of these

last night i called up shannon about in tears and told her we were going for a drive. and so we did. i let my anger out and she gave me good advice and my life is back in order. sometimes it can be a cruel world and people are rude and sometimes think as if i don't have feelings, well news flash i have feelings. for the most part. (joke) sometimes all you really need is just someone to listen to you. there is a point where you cant hold in any more emotions and you just have to let them out before you explode. i was at my breaking point last night but i got all my stress out and im much better. and after that we went and saw our friend "creature" who always cheers me right up. a long time ago he used to be my stalker but we've actually became pretty good friends. hes super nice, he might be intimidating at first but he has a good heart. anyway while i was in st george i had a drink called the texas twister. and ive only seen them sold in st george. but they are made with oranges, limes and lemons and who knows what else. it sounds like a strange combination but its the best thing to ever touch my taste buds. when the sun is beating down on you and its 100 degrees outside nothing tastes better than a cold texas twister.

my mouth is watering just a little bit.

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