im a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics

i am obsessed with the movie cars. not only is it so funny, its based off guess what? oh yeah, nascar. but really, ive seen that movie so many times i cant even stand it. i bet you guys didn't know that parts in the movie cars are actually taken from real nascar. FIRST OFF, the movie was dale juniors idea. SECOND, one of the announcers in the movie is named "darrel cartrip" well in real life, the nascar announcer is named darrel waltrip. oh good one pixar. THIRD, in the movie there is that blue car they call "the king" well his number is 43 in the movie. well in real life there is a driver whose number is 43, and yeah, his nick name is the king. oh you got me again, pixar! FORTH, after the scene when lightening mcqueen is found in radiator springs and its all over the news, they show a red car with the number 8 on the side saying how happy he is that mcqueen was found. well take a guess again.... oh your right, dale junior used to drive the red 8 car. pixar, your good at this stuff!
you better bet your bottom im going to see cars 2 the day it comes out.
i own a cars blanket, and a watch, and im going to get a shirt. and im eating cars cheez-its right now. (thats what inspired this post)
thats dale jr right there

richard pettys number, nick named the king.

my boy mcqueen!

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