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every other day i have the opportunity to spend three hours with a class full of 18 girls and the best teacher the world has ever seen, marlece anderson. she has got to be one of my biggest heros. she has been a nurse for some 40 odd years now. marlece doesn't actually have to speak for you to learn something, you could just watch her and you would learn something amazing. she is the true definition of practice what you preach. there is no way she would make you do something that she wouldn't do herself. she knows the ins and outs of the medical field and she also knows everything in between. she is the nicest person i know. hands down. we will talk about her later, but for now i highly suggest you listen to marleces wise words because she is one smart lady.

ways to improve relationships

1. say less than you think.
  - if you are talking the whole time you wont be able to listen to the other person.
2. keep your integrity, no matter what.
3. follow the 5:1 ratio. if you say something mean, say 5 nice things.
  - if you think something positive about someone, say it out loud. if you think someones hair looks nice, tell them.
4. be interested in others.
  - take the topic of conversation of yourself and listen to what others have to say.
5. be cheerful.
  - people are naturally drawn to happy people
6. keep an open mind. discuss, don't argue.
7. actions and values speak for themselves.
  - be true to who you say you are.
8. you can only change yourself, you cant change others.
  - make yourself the best person you can be and maybe others will follow your lead. you cant force someone to change, so show them the directions.

y'all should have taken notes.

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