lets go racin at talladega boys

"no that wasnt an earthquake, that was just juniors fans cheering."
i have a fat crush on dale earnhardt junior. when he takes the lead, you will know. not only can you hear the fans cheering so loud, the announcers cant shut up about it. junior hasn't won a race in the last 101 races. oh boy, is today looking like that streak is finally going to end. if dale junior wins the race today, i will cry. i love nascar. i hope everyone knows that.

while we were in california, the car we were driving decided to explode and die. we had to leave our car in california and fly home. yesterday we went shopping for cars ALL DAY! we went to about 4 different places and we finally found the right one. we were at the car dealership for what seamed like 8 hours signing thousands of papers. well it wasn't really 8, but we were definitely there for a good 4 hours. i was going to rip my hair out i was so unbearably bored. while i was sitting doing absolutely nothing, i got a text saying "are you watching the race?" and my heart dropped. i thought that i had missed talladega (talladega is my favorite race.) i stomped out of that stupid car dealership place and tears started to form in my eyes. i couldnt believe i had missed talladega. in a panic, i called my go-to nascar guy, josh. the first thing i said is "did i miss talladega" and he said "no, today is nationwide race, you know better than that" OH DUH! why wasn't i thinking. i knew that they don't have sprint cup races on Saturdays. i almost started crying again because i was so relieved i didn't miss it. then we continued to chit-chat about nascar and cement and cool stuff like that. but anyway, point of this story is i didn't end up crying because i didnt really miss the race.

and that folks, is how much i truly love nascar. it brings tears to my eyes.

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