my best buddie

last night was a strange one. actually it wasn't that strange because i  went out to dinner with my family and that was pretty normal. but what i mean is that my dreams last night were really strange. i had two dreams that i can remember. the first one was the civil war was taking place in my front yard. that was weird. i woke up and i thought "did i seriously just dream that." i fell back asleep and that's when my second dream started. last semester i was a peer tutor as many of you know. i worked with the special need kids and i loved every second of it. i had one buddie in particular, his name is jordan. jordan can't control his muscles nor can he walk but he is the sweetest person alive.

 anyway i don't really know how my dream started but somehow me and jordan were together and we were at a theater or something like that. i was watching a play with jordan and i turned around and jordan stood up out of his wheelchair and started walking towards me. he was really struggling to walk because it was the first time he had ever walked in his life. but jordan over-came his trial and he walked towards me with all the strength in his body. i stood up and i ran up to him with tears in my eyes telling him how proud i was of him and letting him lean on my shoulder as he got tired. i remember the huge smile on his face, it was so vivid in my dream. it was so perfect. i remember how i kept saying over and over again how proud i was of him.

then i woke up. i wasn't so sure what to make of that dream. jordan will probably never walk, and i will probably never see him again after graduation. but i know without a doubt that jordan is going to accomplish great things. it doesn't matter what he does in his life because i am going to be proud of him no matter what. that boy proved to me that no matter how hard life is, you can find good in everything. you don't need working legs or muscles to be happy. you don't need material things to be happy. he taught be that friends and family are what you need most. you can be confined to a wheelchair and still live a full happy life. he taught me that disabilities DO NOT define you. whatever jordan does in his life and wherever he goes, i will always be proud of him.
he truly is my hero.

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