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i have a crush, a fat one. on the office.
i have seen every episode to date and i have seen every episode from season 1-6 at least three times each. this is the result of watching the office every day with shannon last summer. i have a deep unconditional love for the office and every character in it. except if i had to get rid of one it would be kelly roginagonda capore. she is so freaking annoying. second to go would be ryan howard. the two most annoying people in the office. but thats just me rambling... i have been converted to the awkward ways of the office and my favorite saying is "thats what she said" i say it at least once a day if not more. anyway i thought id share some of my favorite office quotes. this could get lengthy.

Toby is in HR, which technically means he works for corporate, so he's really not a part of our family. Also, he's divorced, so he's really not a part of his family. - michael.

Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I donno, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me-- no, don't sue me. That is opposite the point I'm trying to make. - michael

Welcome to the Hotel Hell. Check-in time in now, check-out time is never. - dwight

 i don't care what Jim says. That, is not the real Ben Franklin. I am 99% sure. - dwight

Pama-lama-ding-dong. Listen, you're cute. There's no getting around it. So, I don't know if you like country music, but I was thinking maybe one of these days we could drive out to a field, crank up some tunes, smoke a few macanudos, maybe even toss a disc around. Utway ooday ooyay inkthay, Ampay? - andy

phyllis: I'm a Lutheran and Bob is a Unitarian. It keeps things spicy.
angela: That's why we're cursed.

Jim's gone on his honeymoon. So I started borrowing his office, to fart in. - kevin

We had so many smores I finally had to say, 'no more smores! No more smores!' - toby


toby: Hey, I need to talk to you
michael: Not now. Not ever.

im sorry ill shut up now. i just had to share.

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Hailey said...

i looove the office
also this post :)