things that get on my nerves

its no secret, i get annoyed extremely easily. i cant help it, i try my hardest to stay calm but when annoying situations come up i cant help but grit my teeth in frustration. its not like any of my family helped me with this trait. both my dad and my brother get annoyed easily. its usually my mom that can keep her cool the longest. my brother gets annoyed at the slightest things, hes worse than i am. i guess my whole family just gets annoyed really easily. oh well ive learned to live with it. here are some of my pet peeves. but remember, pet peeves and annoyances can be different.

the biggest pet peeve #1 FLAKES
i can absolutely not stand this. if you tell me were going to hang out, i have my heart set that we are going to hang out. it bugs me when people tell me they are going to hang out with me and then come up with a lame excuse 5 minutes before we are supposed to hang out. if you don't want to hang out, just tell me. i don't like getting blown off either. but that makes me more mad than annoyed so lets not go there.

#2 people that cant pronounce my name right
well, its kind of a given that people are going to say my name wrong the first time they see it because its hawaiian and most folks around here don't speak the language. so, im okay with that. it gets old after the 5th time ive met you and they still cant say it right. what makes it even worse is when my friends of years pronounce my name wrong. oh, and the best of all? people pronounce my name with an N in it. there is no N in my name, so why do you throw that random letter in there. my name is Melia not Melina.

#3 people that talk during important things
situation a: when people talk during a movie i about turn around and throw my popcorn at them. i didn't just spend 10 dollars to come listen to your conversation, so knock it off.
situation b: when people talk while the teacher is talking or giving a lesson. i have a short attention span and you chit chatting right behind my ear sure doesn't help that. i honestly can not concentrate when other people are talking while im trying to listen to the teacher. this is an especially big problem in my CNA class. i have these 4 girls that sit right behind me and talk the ENTIRE three hours of class about who knows what. not only do i tell them to shut up, the teacher tells them to shut up too and they still don't stop. id probably learn so much more about nursing if i didn't have a constant giggle behind my head. its so freaking annoying.

#4 well that's it for now because ill become annoyed just by thinking about it. other pet peeves of mine include: when the toilet paper roll is the wrong way, cars that don't turn their blinkers before they turn, shopping carts that squeak as you push them, cross-contamination, when my ipod dies, when my cat scratches the couch and it makes a horrible noice and ruins the the couch...... okay im done.

what are your pet peeves?

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