whine whine whine

the day i get to 20 followers is the day i will cry tears of joy.
i wish funner was a word because i use it every day.
i really wish it was warm enough so i could go to the beach.
why is it that every boy my age is so immature?
why do some girls just drive me over the edge?

enough of that!
i go to california about 4 or 5 times a year. every single time i have had my brother right by my side. not once in my entire life have i ever been to california without my brother. except for this week, my brother is not here. this is the first time EVER that my brother has not been in california with me and i find it very strange and off-putting. i just feel like something is missing all the time. oh, because something is. my brother is missing. today i almost said "palmer, are you coming in the pool?" but i stopped myself because alas, my brother isn't here. its weird having palmer gone and i have to keep telling myself that what he is doing is a good thing. but most days i miss him. and when im in california with no sibling it makes me miss him more. you know they always say you dont know what you've got until its gone. and i find that statement to be more true every day. seriously, california is quiet without palmer here and it makes me sad. im almost not excited to go to disneyland this summer because i've never been there without my brother either. my ride buddy is gone.

ah, how it is to be an only child.
and no, my  brother is not dead. he is on a mission for those of you who didnt know that.

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