take what you can and give nothing back

i told you i had an obsession with pirates. me and shannon went to the junior high and taught all the kids about pirates. highly entertaining.

my birthday is in t minus 4 days. saturday is going to be a party.

tombstone part two

so there i was, getting ready for my first legit ghost tour. i laughed in my head thinking about how much rubbish this whole thing was. well it was midnight and it was time to start our ghost hunt. let me tell you, the bird cage theatre is all completely original. the floors and walls are original, same with all of the furnishings. even the stage curtain is the original one from 1881. when you walk into the bird cage, you truly walk back in time. anyway there we were, inside the theatre listening to our tour guide talk about the history of the theatre. it looks pretty awesome on the inside, im not going to lie. but i still thought that it being haunted was a whole bunch of garbage. the guide showed us around, and told us all the stories and experiences that people have had with the ghosts in the theatre. i started to get a little creeped out but nothing i hadn't felt before. by this time it was one or two in the morning, and it was time to start our seance. we went on the stage, behind the curtain and we all sat around a big white table. our tour guide turned off all the lights in the theatre. it was pitch black. i couldn't see a single thing, let alone my hand right in front of my face. then, my heart rate started to rise a little bit, but i still had it under control. our tour guide sat down and started to talk to the people that haunted the theatre. and that is the moment i started to believe in the unseen. the second she started to talk, all the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. we talked to the spirits for about an hour, and i experienced some of the weirdest things of my entire life. spirits literally touched me, talked to me & sat by me. i smelt whisky, perfume and cigar smoke. we heard spirits laughing and having a good time. i kid you not, during the seance a spirit placed their hand on me. at one point, i honestly thought i was going to pass out from the pure fear running through my veins. while we were sitting, our tour guide asked any spirits that were downstairs, to make their way upstairs to where we were sitting. right after she said that, you could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. we were the only ones in the building. just imagine all of this in the pitch black. the only light you could see in the building was the red glow from the exit sign. during the seance i would watch the red glow disappear as shadows walked passed the exit sign. after a while of communicating with the the paranormal, our tour guide ended the seance and turned the lights back on. she then let us wander about the theatre freely. me, shannon, sam and todd made our ways downstairs. shannon started asking questions to whatever things were down there. we got a response, and then continued to have a full on conversation with a voice from a person we couldn't see. i heard with my own two ears, my best friend have a conversation with a ghost. todd and sam would both confirm that too if they were here right now to testify. the night was coming to a close and we wrapped up. i left that building that night knowing more than ever before that ghosts are a real thing. and i was the one laughing at myself, for never believing in them. and you can sit there and laugh, thinking how crazy i am. thinking that i only imagined the things that happened to me at the bird cage. well, there is no way i can prove to you what happened to me was all real, but i know what i saw is real. you will just have to take my word for it until you go there yourself some day.
the original stage curtain, a long with all the other original stuff.
this is the main dancing hall of the theatre.

call me crazy, there is a face in that mirror.

plus, i wouldnt be going back again this summer for another ghost hunt at the theatre if i didnt have any paranormal experiences the first time.


triple C

"The 3 C's of life; Choice, Chance, Change. You must make the Choice to take the Chance if you want anything to Change"

and i absolutely love talking to old best friends, like you never stopped talking in the first place.

tombstone part one

i woke up at two in the afternoon today, i obviously party too hard.
so i believe in ghosts, do you? i know lots of people are skeptics and non-believers, i understand where they are coming from because i used to be the exact same way. anytime someone told a ghost story i would laugh and find every possible way to debunk their stories. i was like this for sixteen years until about a year ago. i had never paid much attention to those shows on tv about ghosts until shannon started watching them constantly. i ended up watching so many episodes of ghost hunters, paranormal state, and ghost adventures that i started to become obsessed with them. but i still never believed in the paranormal. it wasn't until last summer that i actually believed in ghosts and spirits. i don't know if you have ever heard of a place called tombstone arizona, but its a famous cowboy town. there is a really popular movie called tombstone, that was filmed in the actual town. anyway, last summer i went there with shannon and some other people. tombstone is a one street ghost town. the main street is just dirt, with real saloons, bars and all other kind of shops. no one lives there anymore, the only people that are there are employees and tourists. tombstone used to be one of the most popular mining towns in the west, where all the sheriffs, cowboys and outlaws would go to find work. the town was busy and bustling over 100 years ago, but now its empty and forgotten. when you walk down the street of tombstone, you get the coolest feeling. you feel like you are walking in a piece of history, and you can almost feel the energy from the people that lived there over one hundred years ago. in 1881, there was a gunfight in tombstone, which has became the most famous gunfight in old west history. which actually makes tombstone even more cool. at the very end of the main street, there is a place called the bird cage theatre. it was where all the men would go at night to play pool, drink, dance and gamble. there was a stage, where people would preform. the theatre was also a brothel. (a whore house) the men would pay money and they would basically rent a lady for an hour to do unmentionables. the bird cage theatre had the longest running poker game which lasted for 8 years. anywho, there is the background of tombstone arizona. last summer, i went and spent the day in tombstone. the people i was with are extreme believers in ghosts, but i was not. they all wanted to go on a ghost hunt in the bird cage theatre. so we signed up for a tour, and we wondered around the town until it got dark. and that, is where my ghost adventure begins.

me standing in almost the exact same place that the picture above was taken.
an old picture of the bird cage, and the picture below is the one i took before my ghost tour.

to be continued...

oh will

obviously, elizabeth swan is really jealous of me for taking her man will turner away from her. but hey, he's hot i cant help myself.

im PRETTY sure thats what shannon is getting me for my birthday. a full size jack sparrow. OH BABY!



goodbye, CNA

last january, i embarked on a nursing adventure. (that was supposed to be really cheesy) anyway, i took a nursing class with shannon and angie, not really know what i was getting myself into and not really knowing how much work was really ahead of me. as the class dragged on, so did the homework. i had so much homework every night and i had a huge test every week. my life was pure stress. my hours were spent making flash cards and memorizing abbreviations. in the mean time, i discovered that i could do anything i put my mind to and i could handle really hard things. i also learned that marlece anderson may just be the greatest teacher the world has ever seen. my nursing instructor changed my life, and i actually miss her class now that its over. she is the funniest lady on this planet, but she was also so compassionate at the same time. i am truly grateful to be able to spend a few months in her class. being in a class of 18 girls, of course we made some good memories, and of course we had our little fights. but i chose to remember just the good times. through out the class i wrote down funny things that marlece or other girls in my class said. angie is probably the only one that will understand what any of them mean, but i'll share with you what really went down in my nursing class. because 95% of the time, we were off topic.

"wash, wash wash. when in doubt, your washing!"
"supine, on the spine, so fine."
"don't say intake and outtake you sound like a nerd."
"guys, justin bieber is so hot. i want to make out with him on a pool table"
"its apical, not APEical"
"my farts sound better than that"
"after you pull a cucumber out of your nose, than you can say something"
"you mind as well write that in pen on you arm: take my hand!"
"you run away.... is that what you do? NO! that is not what you do!"
"shes putting potatoes in her pockets... well, you see where that's going"
"i swear, she looked like a troll. she was the scariest lady ive ever seen"
"no gagging noises!"
"um, pauline, we have a problem." 

i sure am going to miss that class. it was the greatest class of my life and i met some of the greatest people! im so glad i took that nursing class, even though i was hesitant at first and it was so much hard work. i made some great friends and i had some great laughs. i also met amazing people at care centers and had a few days to actually work in a care facility and see what nursing is all about. and plus, im now on track to become a registered nurse. thank you MATC for some great times.

its party time

sorry i haven't blogged lately. ive been real busy. if you didn't know, friday was the last day of school and it is now officially summer. i feel like the biggest burden has been taken off my shoulders. my junior year was the hardest school year of my life. i cant tell you how many times ive sat here blogging while thoughts of un-finished assignments and bad grades ran through my head. but, i am glad to say its all over for a few months until my senior year starts back up. i am so excited to be a senior next year. anyway, i partied it up this weekend letting all the stress of school melt away. i did some fun things, had some pretty good laughs and me and shannon decided if we dorm together for college we are going to buy cardboard cut-outs of jack sparrow and will turner for our room. it will most likely happen. also, my birthday is in six days and its going to be one party. we've got the whole day planned out and its going to be a blast. i sure do love birthdays. well, i need to write something a little more meaningful. but that wont happen today because my brain is still recovering from the long year of school. LET THE SUMMER BEGIN!


whistle whistle, call 911

lifeguarding. i dont know how the whole thing came about, but i guess it got brought up somehow. for the last couple of years ive applied at the snack-stand at the pleasant grove pool, always a no-go. not being too bummed about it, i looked for other jobs. kangaroo zoo wasn't for me, and neither was any of the other places i applied to. it always came back to the pool, it seemed like such an awesome place to work. this year i thought it would i would be adventurous and apply for a lifeguard position. so joe called me back (my boss) and asked me if i wanted to do the certification class so i could get the job. i reluctantly signed myself up for the class and dragged by butt to the pool. almost every day for two weeks i went to the pool and practiced back boarding, spinals, deep water back boarding, different saves, swimming and diving to the bottom of the 13 foot pool to get a twenty pound brick. well, my HELLISH sunburn and my sore muscles finally paid off. i got hired right on the spot. i finished my certification class and verdon (my other boss) asked me if i wanted a job at the pool. i said yes so quick. you see, ive been going to the pleasant grove pool since i was a babe. i did swimming lessons for about five years when i was wee little, and ive always gone their since. ive spent every 4th of july at the pool to date, and ive been there too many times to count. i couldn't have been happier to have gotten a job at the place ive been going to since the womb. the last couple days i have spent at the pool have been eye opening for me, ive met so many great people. the people at the pool are so relaxed, and so outgoing. i mean what kind of job do you get to run around half naked and get a superb tan? i love the lifeguards i work with. they are so funny and so accepting. everyone is friends with each other, and we all lift each other up. if you preform a crappy save, they arnt going to tell you that you suck. they are going to give you constructive criticism. the head guards and lead guards are so amazing, i already look up to them. i haven't even been working for a week and i already have so many inside jokes with all the other lifeguards & staff. everyone is just willing to help each other out. sure, lifeguarding is serious business, but we know how to have fun at the pool. i am so FREAKING excited to spend my summer at the pool. it feels like my 2nd home already. especially after chatting with a bunch of my fellow lifeguards in the hot tub for a few hours today. this is definitely a great change in my life. im ready for a new chapter, and new faces.

PLUS- what is better than whistling at kids all day telling them to knock it off?

my life in a nut shell

i might have just eaten half a bag of cheddar ruffles. its alright.
i crave del taco every second of the day.
i sat next to mardi during seminary, and i laughed my head off. that girl is so funny.
i have to go to the pool today for "skill review" with all the lifeguards, yet i just got my certification last week.
i have nurse state testing tomorrow- super nervous
i might have melanoma, not really. but sometimes i wonder.
i spent far too much time at walkers last night chatting
this weekend is looking to be a good one.
im going to watch curse of the black pearl
tomorrow is my last day of school
tomorrow i am going to costa vida & getting my year book
this weekend i am hanging out with jayce
ive worn a hat every day this week. thanks sunburn.
i found out that jordan evans wrote about me every day in english
this post is really stupid.


nine pieces of eight

ive been on a little pirates of the caribbean obsession lately. i saw the fourth one at midnight when it came out. on sunday i watched the 1st movie, yesterday i watched the 2nd, and today i watched the 3rd. id most definitely have to say that the second one is the best. that's beyond the point. i am totally and completely head over heels for orlando bloom. hes not that hot in actual life, but in pirates of the caribbean, he is to die for. william turner is a sexy beast, and i mean it. me and shannon spent AN HOUR talking about how hot he was and day dreaming about him. as you can tell, william turner has been on my mind a lot lately.

id kiss him all day


im not original, its okay.

im just going to jump on this band wagon here.

Age: 16, one week away from 17

Bed size: twin

Chore you hate: all of them.

Dogs: im allergic. but if i had to chose one, id choose shannon's miniature husky.

Essential start of your day: my chocolate slim fast.

Favorite color: pink, green and grey

Gold or silver: silver

Height: five foot six

Instruments I play: ha none? im so un-talented.

Job title: lifeguard

Kids: im still a kid myself!

Live: hm, not a clue yet! where ever life takes me.

Mom's name: elissa.

Nickname: melia tortilla, LC, miss california, melly, maweenis

Overnight hospital stays: nope, cant say that i have.

Pet peeve: people who talk during movies, people who text constantly

Quote from a movie: "this sticker is inconvenient and dangerous, but i sure do love fig newtons" - talladega nights

Right or left handed: droit (right)

Siblings: my big brother palmer.

Time you wake up: well my alarm starts to go off at 6, but i press the snooze button until seven. i can get ready in twenty minutes, so pro.

Underwear: target. who needs to spend $30 on a pair from victorias secret. no one sees them anyway.

Vegetables you dislike: all.

What makes you run late: i press snooze 20 times instead of once. literally, 20 times.

X-rays you've had done: teeth, foot.

Yummy food you make: eh, mashed potatoes.

Zoo animal: flamingos for sure.

welcome to my life

this is me and miss angie.
this is probably the most hideous picture ive ever seen of me, but it describes our friendship perfectly.
it makes me laugh every time i see it. typical me, making stupid faces. typical angie, laughing at everything.
this picture was taken right after our college graduation and angies supportive boyfriend jared was there. (angie has the most amazing boyfriend by the way.) anyway, there we were, and jared was taking pictures of us. i was right in the middle of a chit-chat on my phone, when jared decided it would be a great idea to snap a photo. this is my "jared, are you freaking serious right now?!" face.

F, for failure.

first of all, im failing math. yes, a big fat F on my report card. the end of school is in three flipping days, and there is no way for me to make up my grade. i have one more math test tomorrow, which im going to fail and my math grade is going to sink even further into the black hole. my dreams of being a nurse are slowly slipping out of my reach. curse you public education, and curse you mister sanderson. i have been failed. not that i haven't put up a good fight, ive just had the laziest math teacher for the last two years. ive turned in multiple late assignments to him, and its taken him A MONTH to put in the scores. ive never had an F in my entire life, and im finally starting to face the reality that ive failed not only myself, but ive failed my parents expectations. i thought that it would be a great idea to shift all my focus to my nursing class, but in the process i forgot about all the others. sure, i passed my nursing class with flying colors, a solid A every term. but all of my other classes are Ds, and Cs at  best. this is by far the worst term that ive ever had in my entire life. i never thought that junior year was going to be so difficult. i want to sit in my bedroom and cry, and then slowly rip my hair out one by one. i cant freaking believe i got an F on my report card. you really think the colleges are going to like that? goodbye utah state, goodbye uvu, goodbye university of utah and goodbye dixie. looks like im going to stay at home forever.

i have the fattest crush on the pirates of the caribbean movies. no, i just dont like them. i actually have a crush on the movies. they are done so well. the characters are so perfect, the sets are done amazingly, the costumes are superb and the scenes are jaw dropping. and most of all, johnny depp and orlando bloom are smoking hot. plus, there is just something so mystereous about pirates, they make me fall in love.

my gosh, they are sexy.


dean brody & eli young band.

there are two country bands that make my heart absolutley melt. neither of them are main-stream country bands. most people have never heard of either of the bands, but both make me so happy inside. they make me want to be with the man of my dreams, dancing in the kitchen during the late hours of the night. speaking of the man of my dreams, i haven't found him yet. but that's totally okay, because im only (almost) seventeen. i don't need a man to make me happy, especially this young. im not ready to settle down yet, im just starting to live my life, and im going to live it up while i can. i don't need a man to tell me who i am, or what i stand for. i don't need a man to complete me. im a strong girl, and a boy wont define me. i do not need a boy to function. i don't need to depend on a boy for everything. i don't need a  boy to tell me he loves me every hour of the day, because i know im loved either way. i don't need a boy to make me feel important, because i know im important. i want to make this clear, that i do not miss any guys from my past. i will not go into detail about them, but i can promise you that none of them were worth my time. im going to wait for the guy that sweeps me off my feet. the guy that makes me feel like a princess, and the guy that is more worried about me than the next nascar race. the guy that wants the best for me, and will push me to accomplish my dreams. i will find the guy who is not lazy, who is motivated and is going places in their lives. i will find that gentleman with standards, and when i find him, it will be so good. but, in the mean time i'll just imagine my perfect man, dancing in the kitchen to dean brody, and eli young band. because those two bands make my heart swoon, when i don't have boyfriend to swoon over.

andy warhol was a smart man

partying it up in bolivia

that is most definitely my brother with a tucan and a monkey.
his hair is so short i cant stand it.

phase one of state nursing exams are complete.

also, shout out to my friend tyler sorenson. its his birthday, hes 18 today.
i love that hot guy. i also love his sexy truck.


i hate the sun

i am absolutely miserable.
i woke up this morning and couldn't see. i thought i had died and been taken to heaven. i always thought that heaven would be white, not black.  then maybe i thought i was in a dream. no, it wasn't a dream either. i slapped myself and realized i was neither in heaven nor in a dream. i got out of bed, not being able to see, and stumbled my way over to my bedroom mirror. i felt my face, it was far from normal. it was swollen. my eyes were completely swollen shut. i pried one eye open slightly and almost gasped at the sight. my face was so swollen, i could hardly recognize myself. i felt like i had just gotten out of traumatic face surgery. it looked like i had an allergic reaction to a bee sting. but alas, i am not allergic to bees. the swelling was from my horrible sunburn i acquired yesterday during my nine hours at the pool. along with it being obnoxiously swollen, i had blisters everywhere. well, just on my face. i am sunburnt all over my body, yet i only got blisters on my face. how unfair. ive never once in my life ever gotten a blister from being sunburnt, i guess today was the day. i have been in so much pain all day. using icepacks, advil and aloe vera to get the swelling & burning to go down. this has probably been one of the most painful things ive been through besides falling on the treadmill. i cant cry either, because when i cry it makes the stinging pain on my face even worse. i look at my "cowgirl up" bracelet and immediately my crying stops. i just have to suck up the pain and get through this.


lets spine board this baby up

big news.
(i had to make it large for effect)

pleasant grove pool, lifeguard. im so excited. i spent nine hours in the pool today, yes, nine. and i now have the worlds worst sunburn. in fact this burn may take the prize for worst sun burn in my entire life, which is pretty hard to beat. but yes, after 30 hours of lifeguard class, i am certified. it wasn't easy, at all. most days i questioned myself thinking "do i really wanted to do this? can i handle an emergency?" its a scary feeling knowing that people's lifes depend on you. one mistake, and they could die. but after spending 9 hours with the coolest people today, i know i want to be a lifeguard. especially at pleasant grove pool. i always used to think that lifeguards had the easiest job. i would always look at them when i was little and wonder why they got paid to sit there all day. but after learning about life guarding, there is more to it than sitting up on the chairs. life guarding is stressful, and very demanding. but, i am so ready to take on this challenge. i am so excited to become a part of the pool staff, they are so much fun to work with.


basically, im a graduate.

costa vida cures everything.
broken heart? eat costa.
failing math? eat costa
sick with the flu? eat costa.
broken leg? costa will fix that.
have no friends? you will make friends at costa.

ive been so over-whelmed lately, so i went to costa vida. problem solved.

tonight, me and angie attended our college graduation. mountainland applied technology college, for all you that didn't know. we got a diploma. i feel pretty legit right now.
this lady, marlece, changed my life.
i love her so much. she is the best instructor ive ever had in my entire 16 years.
i will talk more about her soon.

sorry for the crappy picture quality.

yo ho, yo ho

sorry i haven't blogged. ive been too busy. im about to rush off to my life guarding class. i get certified tomorrow (: ive still been really stressed out, but on the good side i saw pirates 4 last night.... and I LOVED IT! i don't care what you say, if you are a true pirate fan, you would love it. i suggest you all go see it because, well, johnny depp is a babe. it was so worth staying up till 3 in the morning and only getting 3 hours of sleep.


oh just strangle me

my days are starting to turn into one giant blob. im too tired to even think most the time, and my brain function has decreased by 95%. the end of school is next friday, can you believe that? i cant. well actually school doesn't end until the 3rd, but im not going to school anymore after next friday. im feeling slightly over-whelmed with things to do. i took about a 3 hour nursing test on tuesday, which really just made my brain explode, and since then my brain stopped functioning. i have so many end of the year tests, assignments and reports to do i honestly cant think straight. its crunch time, and i cant seem to focus. im failing math, literally, and i feel like my struggle for survival is coming to a close. ive fought my battles with math for a long time now, and im not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. on monday, im going to be taking the test to see if i can get my nursing assistant license, im scared out of my mind. in every class, i have a final coming up within the next week, and i don't feel prepared for any of them. and i mean, these tests are going to make or break my grade. oh, don't even get me started on how stressed i am about my french class, it makes me want to cry. on top of my school madness, im working on becoming lifeguard certified so i can get a job at the pool this summer. i have class every day for about 4 hours, which takes up all my time outside of school. on top of studying for school, i have to study for that stupid lifeguard class, which i have to take a huge test for on saturday. i wake up with a headache, and go to bed with a headache. my list of things to do is about 100 miles long, and there isn't enough daylight to accomplish them all. i am mentally and physically drained. i can honestly say that the next 8 days are going to be the longest days of my life. i hate to sound dreadful and dreary, but im seriously over-whelmed.

those are the 500+ flash cards i need to know for my nursing test on monday.
and my bracelet says "cowgirl up" not girl up.

well, its time for me to get back to work.


the cobra

my arms, they are broken!
ha gotcha, they arnt really broken. i went to yoga tonight for my very first time ever. i just expected some wussy stuff, ya know some deep breathing and some relaxing. wow, i was so wrong. i was balancing upside down on my head, while i held my toes. doing upside down push-ups, crab walking across the floor, doing kart-wheels with no arms. totally kidding. i actually didn't do any of that stuff mentioned above. but i did do some pretty crazy  moves and by the end i was getting really sick of hearing "now down-ward dog" at the end, we all laid down on our backs and did breathing exercises. i ended up falling asleep, literally, and the lady had to wake me up. i guess that's a sign that i need more sleep. anyway, yoga is a lot more work than i thought it was. and i cant feel my arms. not one bit.

dearest blog readers, i know your out there. i know you stalk me every day. i KNOW it  because i check my stats. don't be afraid to click that follow button on the right hand side. i know you want to. if i ever get 20 followers on this blog, i will cry tears of joy. so c'mon. just give into peer pressure and press follow. we have a lot of fun around here at life in the fast lane.


product review

neutrogena naturals. fresh cleansing plus makeup remover. i give it 5 out of 5 on the melia scale.
removing your makeup every night, we've all been there before. scrub at your face until it starts to hurt and even after minutes of scrubbing with face wash you still have those big dark  raccoon eyes. you scrub at your raccoon eyes for a while until they start to hurt too, and then you are left with those ugly mascara marks. and then afterwords your face is blotchy, and doesn't feel very smooth and you still have that stupid mascara and eyeliner mess left under your eyes. trust me, thats the same story for me every night. well i was browsing the isles of walmart trying to find a solution. ive used eye-makeup remover before but it feels like im rubbing oil in my eye balls and i don't like that very much. as i was browsing, i came across this lovely looking bottle. cute colors, cute font and modern looking. and who cant trust a name like neutrogena natruals? i unscrewed the top like any girl would do, and smelled it. it smelled pretty alright. so i bought it, for six dollars. its turned out to be the best investment ive ever made in beauty products. just get your face wet, scrub-a-dub-dub for a few seconds and bingo, just like that all your mascara raccoon eyes are gone. I've never found a face wash before that gets rid of nasty mascara eyes with literally no effort at all. after i washed my face with it, i didn't have to go back with a wash cloth and try to wipe away my raccoon eyes. it was like a miracle straight from the heavens. it actually makes me excited to wash my face at night. and, it turns out that once you put it on your face, it smells like fresh sliced green apples. its changed my life.

holy crap. i cant believe i just went on that long about a freaking face wash.


boring sunday nights

"ain't it a shame, a shame that every time you hear my name brought up in a casual conversation you can't think straight."

10. Favorite Places to be.

1. mountains
2. rodeos
3. cabelas
4. home
5. friends houses
6. beach
7. disneyland
8. riding in trucks
9. california
10. health care facilities

9. Weird things about me

1. it bugs me when the TV volume isn't on an even number
2. i hate peanut butter, chinese food & licorice
3. i don't know how to use chop sticks
4. im allergic to most animals
5. im literally terrified of chainsaws & the witch from snow white
6. i don't text much, but i always hold my phone like i do.
7. i burn more than i tan
8. i whoop butt at nintendo
9. my name is hawaiian

8. things I am going to do this summer

1. stake youth conference (blech)
2. arizona/ ghost hunting
3. girls camp
4. california/beach
5. disneyland hotel
6. find hot guys
7. camp fires up the canyon
8. drive around with all my bestest friends

7. Things I am thinking of.

1. my future
2. college
3. nursing
4. angie/shannon/jayce/tyler
5. why wont shaun text me back
6. my bad grades
7. nursing finals/state testing.

6. Things I am wearing.

1. mis-match socks
2. zebra pajama bottoms
3. pink shirt
4. cabelas hoodie
5. "cowgirl up" bracelet
6. neon yellow sports bra

5.Things I am worried about

1. my grades and the fact that school is almost over
2. nursing finals on tuesday
3. nursing state testing
4. just everything.....
5. what college am i going to go to.

4. Things on my floor

1. clothes
2. cowboy boots
3. school crap
4. blood pressure cuff & stethoscope

3. Things I want(ed) to do today

1. go for a drive with angie
2. study for nursing finals
3. meet prince charming. ive been waiting a while.

2. Things I will reveal

1. i don't have a fabulous life with millions of friends.
2. i get set apart as laurels president next sunday

1. Secret

1. im in a pretty dumpy mood.

chivalry is not dead.

i slaved away for hours on my new blog header. i am thoroughly content with it, after months of trying to create one i actually liked.
i walked into walmart yesterday, and by the way, i absolutely hate what they have done with my walmart. i had to grab just a few things so i didn't get a cart. well me being the know it all, i always think i can do everything by myself. after a few minutes in wallyworld, i obviously needed a cart but i was too good for one so, i continued to carry all the crap i needed in my hands. carrying a 10 pound bag of potatoes, snacks, make-up, water & chips in your hands is no easy task. and of course, all the lines were 5 hours long. i chose the shortest line i could find, which wasn't very short at all. my arms were about ready to fall off from the potatoes i was carrying. some random guy saw that i was obviously struggling to juggle all of the stuff in my arms. he said to me "would you like this cart ma'am?" of course i said yes, so relieved that i could finally put all that stuff down. i thanked him for giving me his cart, and then he walked off. me and my arms were very thankful for that nice man that was willing to do something nice for someone else. i usually am disgusted with how selfish people are, but every once in a while there is a nice person who proves me wrong. i hope we can all be the people to prove everyone wrong. do one nice thing for a stranger this week.


oh my lanta

im stressed, to say the least. school is coming to an end and i have 43289473 things to do. first off, nursing finals are next week and im totally not ready. second, nursing state testing is coming up soon and im so nervous for that. third, my grades have gone straight down the drain and im starting to wonder if im ever going to get them back up in time. somedays i just want to bang my head on a board. my day is usually pretty jam packed of studying and homework and school.

7:45 -2:15 school
3:00 - 7:00 lifeguard class
7:00 - 9:00 gym

and somewhere in there i need to find the time to study. my days are pretty darn boring. im so ready for school to end, but in reality if school ended right now i would be in so much trouble because my grades are the worst. so, if i dont blog very much in the next few weeks, you will know why.


my fav five

i love my life. college is looking my way, who needs senior year? im doing two internships next year and ive got a job lined up. i get my CNA this month and i can start to work in the medical field. life is finally looking up.

my top 5 guilty pleasures

hot men
notice i didnt say boys. there is a difference between men and boys. actually, make those hot men cowboys and id be in heaven. i cant help but stare at hot men. just ask my friends. every hot guy i see i say "he's hot" or if i cant see the guys face i turn to my friend that can and say "is he hot?" and then we debate over if he is hot or not. its like a game for me. im so guy obsessed, its not funny anymore.

costa vida
im not joking, i go to costa vida once a week. if i don't go once a week, i'll start a riot. nothing else has ever touched my taste buds quite as delicious as costa vida. and do not tell me cafe rio or bajio are the same thing as costa. THEY ARE NOT! and i have a card that gets me 1/2 off the pork burrito every time i go. how amazing.

mountain dew
think of a hot day in the summer. your sweating and your back sticks to the seat of your car and your hair is sticking to the back of your neck. what drink are you holding in your hand? oh yes, a mountain dew. my heart fills with pure joy when they tell me i won a free drink at walkers. 44oz of pure sugar. its dang good. my favorite part is when condensation starts to form on the outside of the cup, that is the best time to drink your mountain dew.  

oh, you can bet i will be at strawberry days rodeo every night. when people say they have never been to the strawberry days rodeo, i feel bad for them. i mostly go for the hot cowboys, but really who doesn't? im obsessed with cowboys. my most most most favorite part of the rodeo is the bull riding. go get that 8 seconds boys! gosh rodeos are the flippin best.

del taco
i love how 3/5 of my guilty pleasures are food. but del taco almost compares to costa vida.
1. its cheap.
2. its never crowded
3. they are quick
4. its just so good.
i walk into del taco and i cant hide the smile on my face. i always want to buy everything on the menu. everything always looks so good. plus they always have the greatest deals ever, so i go in with hardly no money at all and i can still afford something to eat. plus, del taco is always better after midnight. there is nothing better than getting done partying on a summer night and then heading over to del taco at 1 in the morning.


what i spend my money on

if i could compare the world to something, it would be a trash can. i swear i just throw all my money away. well, the little money that i do have. im jobless, like most of the unemployed americans now-days. i feel like i'll never get a job. ive only applied to like 32489230 (slight exaggeration) places. obviously there is something wrong with me. so since im jobless i usually mooch off my parents most of the time. scratch that, all of the time. i try not to ask my parents for too much money, but really how is a teen supposed to live? i feel kind of lousy asking them for money all the time but there isn't much i can do about it at the moment. if i could choose one thing i spend all my money on, well, just kidding. i would have to choose two things. food and drinks. all the receipts in my wallet are from food places. i probably buy food just about every day. i buy lunch a ton at MATC because im too lazy to bring a lunch from home. EVERY weekend i go to costa vida, because im majorly obsessed. (almost) every day i go get a drink from walkers. thank goodness jared gives me my drink for free sometimes. just today i spent about eight dollars with angie when we went out to lunch and to get chocolate. when im with that woman all we do is spend money. something is seriously wrong with us. every day i wake up and i tell myself im not going to spend a single penny but then i see that tootsie pop that looks super tasty and i can't help but give in. i have absolutely no will power at all. i wish i could save my money and i wish i could get a job. the only thing that buying food is going to get me is fat.
what do you spend your money on?


true story

"The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache."

Marjorie Pay Hinckley


heres to the begining.

so maybe you know, maybe you don't know. maybe you cant tell. but im a mormon. always have been. i don't normally talk about it on my blog but i guess there is a first time for everything.
i got a call a few weeks ago from my bishop saying he wanted to have an interview with me. i was scared to death. ive always been so scared of bishop interviews, mainly because im so shy. ive known my bishop since i was about 2. he lives right across the street from me and i happen to be his daughters best friend. yes, im talking about shannon. Ive been going to their house since i was little to play barbies and house and what not. ive basically grown up at their house. we've been on lots of family vacations and stuff. anyway, i just spend a lot of time over at bishop's house. back to my point. i got called in for an interview and i was way scared. i toughed up and just went in for it. i sat down in the chair in his office feeling awkward as could be. he said "your probably wondering why your here." and i said yes blah blah blah, and then we got down to the reason i was there. he asked me if i wanted to be the laurels class president. i said yes without any hesitation. we talked a little while longer and then it was time for me to go. usually in mormon-ism we shake hands with everyone. well as i was getting ready to leave my bishop gave me a hug. then he said "you always have a special place in my heart melia, your like my third daughter." and then i left.
i love my bishop.
i am so excited to be laurel class president, i was so shocked when he asked me. im not perfect in any way and most the time i feel like i don't measure up to the church's standards or i'm not the best person i can be. but i was obviously chosen as president for a reason, and i think ive found it. i may not be perfect, but neither is anyone else. and im okay with that fact. i may not measure up to the previous laurel president but i will be president in my own unique way. i know who i am, and i am comfortable with myself. i don't need someone else to tell me who i am because i know. i am not insecure about myself and i am not self-doubting. i am a strong girl and i am ready for this calling. this calling came to me at a time in my life when i needed it most. God knows me, and I've seen that more than ever during these last few months.


you know what i HATE!?

when you call someone, and they dont answer.
and then two seconds later they text you saying "did you  need something?"
WOW! just answer your phone.


its on my mind.

im in love with candy. all flavors and assortments. im surprised that all my teeth arnt gone. im so addicted. every day in the summer you can  usually find me with a bag of candy by my side. i can usually polish of a bag of peach-o's or sour gummy worms in about thirty minutes. candy is my guilty pleasure and i cant get enough of it. these are my favorites:

sour gummy worms


reese's peanut butter cups

tootsie pops


tootsie rolls

rock candy

reese's whipps

cotton candy

and those are just some of my favorites. i'll really eat any candy you put in front of me. except for twizzlers or redvines or whatever that crap is you folks call it. anyway get me some of that candy above and we will be best friends forever!

what is your favorite kind of candy?


just a kiss

lady antebellum is one of the best country bands ever.
thats all.
the guy on the right reminds me of  caileys brother jaden.

im brain dead

i got this from the lovely olivia, writer of rollerpants. i know im not being very original here, but really i dont have anything to write for the time being because my life has literally been ingulfed by school.

How did you get one of your scars?
well, i fell on the treadmill once. i ripped all the skin right off my knees.
it wasn't very pleasant.

How did you celebrate your last birthday?
i don't really remember. i think i just
hung out with friends?

How are you feeling at this moment?
im pretty tired and stressed

How did your night go last night?
oh it was pretty fine!

How did you do in high school?
so far, highschool has been a dud.

How did you get the shirt you're wearing?
i purchased it at old navy.
i sure do love that store.

How often do you see your best friend?
both of them every day basically.

How much money did you spend last month?
i couldn't tell you. it was all daddy's money.

How old do you want to be when you get married?
21 or so
18 or 19 is outrageous.

How old will you be at your next birthday?
seventeen. its coming up soon!


Your mothers name?
everyone pronounces it wrong, like mine.

What did you do last weekend?
i hung out with luke and tyler

What would you rather be doing?
id rather be at disneyland or at the beach or at college.

What did you last cry over?
stupid boys.
i havent cried for a long time.

What always makes you feel better when you’re upset?
food, duh. and i watch tv.

What’s the most important thing you look for in a significant other?
honesty & humorous.

What are you worried about?

What did you have for breakfast?
slim fast. i drink them every day.


Have you ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend?
probably. i can't help myself, men are attractive.

Have you ever had your heart broken?
yes, yes i have.

Have you ever been out of the country?
mexico and the bahamas

Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?
outrageously dumb is my middle name.

Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend?
ehhhhhh yes. its life.

Have you ever dated someone younger than you?
ha no, i wouldn't be able to stand it.

Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
i sure have!
just one though, and it was kinda short.


Who was the last friend you saw?
shannon because she just gave me a ride home from school

Who was the last person you IM/texted?
patrick p-town hoffman.

Who was the last person you hungout with?
shannon, yesterday. we raised hell. not really.

Who was the last person to call you?
spencer carpenter. we share the same date of birth.

Who did you last hug?
tyler sorenson.

Who is the last person who texted you?
patrick p-town hoffman. mentioned above.

Who was the last person you said "i love you" to?
momma clegg


Where does your best friend live?
they all live in pleasant grove

Where did you last go?
to the bathroom?
hahaha im so funny.
but really.

Where did you last hang out?
all over the darn place.
me and my friends can never stay in one place, we travel all around.

Where do you go to school?
home of the mighty vikings.

Where is your favorite place to be?

Where did you sleep last night?
the comfiest place on earth.


Do you like someone right now?
i sure don't.

Do you think anyone likes you?
so I've heard. but that's debatable.

Do you ever wish you were someone else?
no im pretty okay with being me.

Do you know the muffin man?
the muffin man? that lives on drury lane?

Does the future scare you?
kind of, but im mostly excited.


Why are you best friends with your best friend(s)?
because we can laugh together and we've been through hard times together and we have a lot in common and we just get a long real well.

Why did you get a Facebook?
because it was like 8th grade and i was bored.

Why did your parents give you the name you have?
because they lived in hawaii for a real long time so they decided to give me a hawaiian name. i think it fits me perfectly.

Why are you doing this survey?
refer to the title of this post.


If you could have one super power what would it be?
to... fly.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you?
no i wouldn't.

If you were stranded on a deserted island & could bring 1 thing what would you bring?
probably a cowboy. because they arn't like those city boys that don't know
what to do when you get a flat tire.


Would you ever get back together with any of your ex’s if they asked you?
(swear word) no.

Would you ever move to run away from a problem?
i wish, but i wont. because that is for pansies.


Are you happy with your life right now?
its been getting better. so i guess im happy. 


am i running this town, no question

i caved today and had my first mountain dew in about a month. it was worth it. i spent most the day driving around with the windows down, of course listening to my boy sammy adams. i called up a ton of friends in my phonebook and went to talk to them and say hi. sometimes its hard to see all the friends i have in my life, but when it really gets down to it, i have so many friends that i love. i don't need a steady boyfriend or someone to hold my hand around every corner. im a strong girl and i don't need a boy. its better to just be a free-spirited teenager anyway. your only young once.

obviously me and angie have been friends a bit to long, because we always think the same exact thing at the same time. me and angie have 99% of our classes at school together and today we were in seminary. some kid was playing a song on the piano that was like 1,000 minutes long.

at 12:13 i sent a text to angie that said "i have that much talent in my left pinkie"
at 12:13 angie sent me a text that said "we have our own personal beethoven"

and we weren't even replying to each others messages, we were just sending a new one. it was super funny and i started busting out in class. seriously, me and angie have so many strange coincidences like that. one time mrs nancy larsen roberts said "you two look alike, you have the same facial expressions and everything."
oh, yeah, we've spent a lot of time together.


i love this place.

i would very much like to be on the white house lawn partying it up singing the star spangled banner with my fellow americans. 
oh, how i wish.
kickin trash and showing the world whose boss since 1776.

making mountains out of mole hills

psssh who needs prom?
pssssh who needs to steady boyfriend in highschool?  your going to miss out on being a teenager. honestly, you probably wont marry the person you go to prom with either. i don't see why you need to spend 400 dollars on a dress when you could just call up your friends and hang out with them for free. sure, every girl loves to go get dressed up, but why does it only have to be on prom? you could get dressed up any day of your life if it was such a big deal to you. your life isn't going to end if you don't go to prom and no, your highschool career will not be over if you don't go to prom. really, who cares? maybe there arnt any guys in highschool that like you. but, WHO CARES! if you dont have a boyfriend in highschool, its not the end of the world.  there are so many more mature guys waiting for you in college. highschool is nothing compared to what the rest of our lives are going to be like. its  not like your kids are going to be like "my mom didn't go to prom, she is such a looser." like i really wonder what makes people think that if you don't go to prom, your not cool. going to prom does not change your social status. or atleast it shouldnt. you didn't get asked? so what. obviously no guy at the school is smart enough to ask you. wait for college, the guys are better there. and really, prom is just a dance caused by raging hormones.
and no, i didn't go to prom. and no, im not bitter about it. i did better things like hang out with my super hot friend tyler, for free. i was in sweats and a hoodie and i felt just as pretty as i would wearing an expensive dress. who says you need a sparkly dress and lots of make up to be pretty. its only one night. plus, if you ask the guy you went to prom with a year later what you wore, i promise he wont remember.