am i running this town, no question

i caved today and had my first mountain dew in about a month. it was worth it. i spent most the day driving around with the windows down, of course listening to my boy sammy adams. i called up a ton of friends in my phonebook and went to talk to them and say hi. sometimes its hard to see all the friends i have in my life, but when it really gets down to it, i have so many friends that i love. i don't need a steady boyfriend or someone to hold my hand around every corner. im a strong girl and i don't need a boy. its better to just be a free-spirited teenager anyway. your only young once.

obviously me and angie have been friends a bit to long, because we always think the same exact thing at the same time. me and angie have 99% of our classes at school together and today we were in seminary. some kid was playing a song on the piano that was like 1,000 minutes long.

at 12:13 i sent a text to angie that said "i have that much talent in my left pinkie"
at 12:13 angie sent me a text that said "we have our own personal beethoven"

and we weren't even replying to each others messages, we were just sending a new one. it was super funny and i started busting out in class. seriously, me and angie have so many strange coincidences like that. one time mrs nancy larsen roberts said "you two look alike, you have the same facial expressions and everything."
oh, yeah, we've spent a lot of time together.


mardiiiii said...

you didn't come to see me.
i feel the love.

blondie7820 said...

thats just why were best friends (: