basically, im a graduate.

costa vida cures everything.
broken heart? eat costa.
failing math? eat costa
sick with the flu? eat costa.
broken leg? costa will fix that.
have no friends? you will make friends at costa.

ive been so over-whelmed lately, so i went to costa vida. problem solved.

tonight, me and angie attended our college graduation. mountainland applied technology college, for all you that didn't know. we got a diploma. i feel pretty legit right now.
this lady, marlece, changed my life.
i love her so much. she is the best instructor ive ever had in my entire 16 years.
i will talk more about her soon.

sorry for the crappy picture quality.

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mardiiiii said...

girl. i am so proud of you.
dude, thats so cool.
your so pro.