boring sunday nights

"ain't it a shame, a shame that every time you hear my name brought up in a casual conversation you can't think straight."

10. Favorite Places to be.

1. mountains
2. rodeos
3. cabelas
4. home
5. friends houses
6. beach
7. disneyland
8. riding in trucks
9. california
10. health care facilities

9. Weird things about me

1. it bugs me when the TV volume isn't on an even number
2. i hate peanut butter, chinese food & licorice
3. i don't know how to use chop sticks
4. im allergic to most animals
5. im literally terrified of chainsaws & the witch from snow white
6. i don't text much, but i always hold my phone like i do.
7. i burn more than i tan
8. i whoop butt at nintendo
9. my name is hawaiian

8. things I am going to do this summer

1. stake youth conference (blech)
2. arizona/ ghost hunting
3. girls camp
4. california/beach
5. disneyland hotel
6. find hot guys
7. camp fires up the canyon
8. drive around with all my bestest friends

7. Things I am thinking of.

1. my future
2. college
3. nursing
4. angie/shannon/jayce/tyler
5. why wont shaun text me back
6. my bad grades
7. nursing finals/state testing.

6. Things I am wearing.

1. mis-match socks
2. zebra pajama bottoms
3. pink shirt
4. cabelas hoodie
5. "cowgirl up" bracelet
6. neon yellow sports bra

5.Things I am worried about

1. my grades and the fact that school is almost over
2. nursing finals on tuesday
3. nursing state testing
4. just everything.....
5. what college am i going to go to.

4. Things on my floor

1. clothes
2. cowboy boots
3. school crap
4. blood pressure cuff & stethoscope

3. Things I want(ed) to do today

1. go for a drive with angie
2. study for nursing finals
3. meet prince charming. ive been waiting a while.

2. Things I will reveal

1. i don't have a fabulous life with millions of friends.
2. i get set apart as laurels president next sunday

1. Secret

1. im in a pretty dumpy mood.


mardiiiii said...

text me.
we can be in dumpy moods together.

blondie7820 said...

what the heck ha..
why didnt you text me
we could have gone
on a lil sunday night cruise

melia said...

i know i got kinda tied up with a fireside and studying. but we will go next sunday