chivalry is not dead.

i slaved away for hours on my new blog header. i am thoroughly content with it, after months of trying to create one i actually liked.
i walked into walmart yesterday, and by the way, i absolutely hate what they have done with my walmart. i had to grab just a few things so i didn't get a cart. well me being the know it all, i always think i can do everything by myself. after a few minutes in wallyworld, i obviously needed a cart but i was too good for one so, i continued to carry all the crap i needed in my hands. carrying a 10 pound bag of potatoes, snacks, make-up, water & chips in your hands is no easy task. and of course, all the lines were 5 hours long. i chose the shortest line i could find, which wasn't very short at all. my arms were about ready to fall off from the potatoes i was carrying. some random guy saw that i was obviously struggling to juggle all of the stuff in my arms. he said to me "would you like this cart ma'am?" of course i said yes, so relieved that i could finally put all that stuff down. i thanked him for giving me his cart, and then he walked off. me and my arms were very thankful for that nice man that was willing to do something nice for someone else. i usually am disgusted with how selfish people are, but every once in a while there is a nice person who proves me wrong. i hope we can all be the people to prove everyone wrong. do one nice thing for a stranger this week.

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mardiiiii said...

wallyworld folk are the best.