the cobra

my arms, they are broken!
ha gotcha, they arnt really broken. i went to yoga tonight for my very first time ever. i just expected some wussy stuff, ya know some deep breathing and some relaxing. wow, i was so wrong. i was balancing upside down on my head, while i held my toes. doing upside down push-ups, crab walking across the floor, doing kart-wheels with no arms. totally kidding. i actually didn't do any of that stuff mentioned above. but i did do some pretty crazy  moves and by the end i was getting really sick of hearing "now down-ward dog" at the end, we all laid down on our backs and did breathing exercises. i ended up falling asleep, literally, and the lady had to wake me up. i guess that's a sign that i need more sleep. anyway, yoga is a lot more work than i thought it was. and i cant feel my arms. not one bit.

dearest blog readers, i know your out there. i know you stalk me every day. i KNOW it  because i check my stats. don't be afraid to click that follow button on the right hand side. i know you want to. if i ever get 20 followers on this blog, i will cry tears of joy. so c'mon. just give into peer pressure and press follow. we have a lot of fun around here at life in the fast lane.

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