dean brody & eli young band.

there are two country bands that make my heart absolutley melt. neither of them are main-stream country bands. most people have never heard of either of the bands, but both make me so happy inside. they make me want to be with the man of my dreams, dancing in the kitchen during the late hours of the night. speaking of the man of my dreams, i haven't found him yet. but that's totally okay, because im only (almost) seventeen. i don't need a man to make me happy, especially this young. im not ready to settle down yet, im just starting to live my life, and im going to live it up while i can. i don't need a man to tell me who i am, or what i stand for. i don't need a man to complete me. im a strong girl, and a boy wont define me. i do not need a boy to function. i don't need to depend on a boy for everything. i don't need a  boy to tell me he loves me every hour of the day, because i know im loved either way. i don't need a boy to make me feel important, because i know im important. i want to make this clear, that i do not miss any guys from my past. i will not go into detail about them, but i can promise you that none of them were worth my time. im going to wait for the guy that sweeps me off my feet. the guy that makes me feel like a princess, and the guy that is more worried about me than the next nascar race. the guy that wants the best for me, and will push me to accomplish my dreams. i will find the guy who is not lazy, who is motivated and is going places in their lives. i will find that gentleman with standards, and when i find him, it will be so good. but, in the mean time i'll just imagine my perfect man, dancing in the kitchen to dean brody, and eli young band. because those two bands make my heart swoon, when i don't have boyfriend to swoon over.

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