F, for failure.

first of all, im failing math. yes, a big fat F on my report card. the end of school is in three flipping days, and there is no way for me to make up my grade. i have one more math test tomorrow, which im going to fail and my math grade is going to sink even further into the black hole. my dreams of being a nurse are slowly slipping out of my reach. curse you public education, and curse you mister sanderson. i have been failed. not that i haven't put up a good fight, ive just had the laziest math teacher for the last two years. ive turned in multiple late assignments to him, and its taken him A MONTH to put in the scores. ive never had an F in my entire life, and im finally starting to face the reality that ive failed not only myself, but ive failed my parents expectations. i thought that it would be a great idea to shift all my focus to my nursing class, but in the process i forgot about all the others. sure, i passed my nursing class with flying colors, a solid A every term. but all of my other classes are Ds, and Cs at  best. this is by far the worst term that ive ever had in my entire life. i never thought that junior year was going to be so difficult. i want to sit in my bedroom and cry, and then slowly rip my hair out one by one. i cant freaking believe i got an F on my report card. you really think the colleges are going to like that? goodbye utah state, goodbye uvu, goodbye university of utah and goodbye dixie. looks like im going to stay at home forever.

i have the fattest crush on the pirates of the caribbean movies. no, i just dont like them. i actually have a crush on the movies. they are done so well. the characters are so perfect, the sets are done amazingly, the costumes are superb and the scenes are jaw dropping. and most of all, johnny depp and orlando bloom are smoking hot. plus, there is just something so mystereous about pirates, they make me fall in love.

my gosh, they are sexy.

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