goodbye, CNA

last january, i embarked on a nursing adventure. (that was supposed to be really cheesy) anyway, i took a nursing class with shannon and angie, not really know what i was getting myself into and not really knowing how much work was really ahead of me. as the class dragged on, so did the homework. i had so much homework every night and i had a huge test every week. my life was pure stress. my hours were spent making flash cards and memorizing abbreviations. in the mean time, i discovered that i could do anything i put my mind to and i could handle really hard things. i also learned that marlece anderson may just be the greatest teacher the world has ever seen. my nursing instructor changed my life, and i actually miss her class now that its over. she is the funniest lady on this planet, but she was also so compassionate at the same time. i am truly grateful to be able to spend a few months in her class. being in a class of 18 girls, of course we made some good memories, and of course we had our little fights. but i chose to remember just the good times. through out the class i wrote down funny things that marlece or other girls in my class said. angie is probably the only one that will understand what any of them mean, but i'll share with you what really went down in my nursing class. because 95% of the time, we were off topic.

"wash, wash wash. when in doubt, your washing!"
"supine, on the spine, so fine."
"don't say intake and outtake you sound like a nerd."
"guys, justin bieber is so hot. i want to make out with him on a pool table"
"its apical, not APEical"
"my farts sound better than that"
"after you pull a cucumber out of your nose, than you can say something"
"you mind as well write that in pen on you arm: take my hand!"
"you run away.... is that what you do? NO! that is not what you do!"
"shes putting potatoes in her pockets... well, you see where that's going"
"i swear, she looked like a troll. she was the scariest lady ive ever seen"
"no gagging noises!"
"um, pauline, we have a problem." 

i sure am going to miss that class. it was the greatest class of my life and i met some of the greatest people! im so glad i took that nursing class, even though i was hesitant at first and it was so much hard work. i made some great friends and i had some great laughs. i also met amazing people at care centers and had a few days to actually work in a care facility and see what nursing is all about. and plus, im now on track to become a registered nurse. thank you MATC for some great times.

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