heres to the begining.

so maybe you know, maybe you don't know. maybe you cant tell. but im a mormon. always have been. i don't normally talk about it on my blog but i guess there is a first time for everything.
i got a call a few weeks ago from my bishop saying he wanted to have an interview with me. i was scared to death. ive always been so scared of bishop interviews, mainly because im so shy. ive known my bishop since i was about 2. he lives right across the street from me and i happen to be his daughters best friend. yes, im talking about shannon. Ive been going to their house since i was little to play barbies and house and what not. ive basically grown up at their house. we've been on lots of family vacations and stuff. anyway, i just spend a lot of time over at bishop's house. back to my point. i got called in for an interview and i was way scared. i toughed up and just went in for it. i sat down in the chair in his office feeling awkward as could be. he said "your probably wondering why your here." and i said yes blah blah blah, and then we got down to the reason i was there. he asked me if i wanted to be the laurels class president. i said yes without any hesitation. we talked a little while longer and then it was time for me to go. usually in mormon-ism we shake hands with everyone. well as i was getting ready to leave my bishop gave me a hug. then he said "you always have a special place in my heart melia, your like my third daughter." and then i left.
i love my bishop.
i am so excited to be laurel class president, i was so shocked when he asked me. im not perfect in any way and most the time i feel like i don't measure up to the church's standards or i'm not the best person i can be. but i was obviously chosen as president for a reason, and i think ive found it. i may not be perfect, but neither is anyone else. and im okay with that fact. i may not measure up to the previous laurel president but i will be president in my own unique way. i know who i am, and i am comfortable with myself. i don't need someone else to tell me who i am because i know. i am not insecure about myself and i am not self-doubting. i am a strong girl and i am ready for this calling. this calling came to me at a time in my life when i needed it most. God knows me, and I've seen that more than ever during these last few months.

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