i hate the sun

i am absolutely miserable.
i woke up this morning and couldn't see. i thought i had died and been taken to heaven. i always thought that heaven would be white, not black.  then maybe i thought i was in a dream. no, it wasn't a dream either. i slapped myself and realized i was neither in heaven nor in a dream. i got out of bed, not being able to see, and stumbled my way over to my bedroom mirror. i felt my face, it was far from normal. it was swollen. my eyes were completely swollen shut. i pried one eye open slightly and almost gasped at the sight. my face was so swollen, i could hardly recognize myself. i felt like i had just gotten out of traumatic face surgery. it looked like i had an allergic reaction to a bee sting. but alas, i am not allergic to bees. the swelling was from my horrible sunburn i acquired yesterday during my nine hours at the pool. along with it being obnoxiously swollen, i had blisters everywhere. well, just on my face. i am sunburnt all over my body, yet i only got blisters on my face. how unfair. ive never once in my life ever gotten a blister from being sunburnt, i guess today was the day. i have been in so much pain all day. using icepacks, advil and aloe vera to get the swelling & burning to go down. this has probably been one of the most painful things ive been through besides falling on the treadmill. i cant cry either, because when i cry it makes the stinging pain on my face even worse. i look at my "cowgirl up" bracelet and immediately my crying stops. i just have to suck up the pain and get through this.

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Tiffanie Michele said...

oh my heck girl, so so sorry.. you're in my prayers!!! ):